Simple Money Habits is where High Achievers can find useful insights to achieve financial freedom faster. With this newfound freedom High Achiever, you have the capacity to change the world. It is my great hope that you will. No change is too small.

Simple money habits is a place of financial balance

It’s impossible to separate your life from your finances. Creating the life you want to live takes a whole system approach. It’s all about balance and bringing awareness to the habits of your life. How you earn and spend money needs to align with what’s important to you.

Bringing awareness to what you want in life is the key. Asking yourself hard and meaningful questions unpack all those feelings in your gut. You can bring harmony into your life if you take the time to think and reflect.

Let’s weave together your life goals and money goals. Being rich is better than being poor. But being rich without your health, and without a fulfilling life is a tragedy. It’s not that tricky to have both. We can do this together.

The Team

I’m Professor Habits. I’m the creator of this little website.

I reached financial independence at the age of 32. I created this website to document what I learned along the way. The ritual behind simple money habits is a framework I created for myself. The rituals helped keep me on track for the last ten years. I realized that these habits and my other learnings may be useful for others, so I created this website to share!

If you adopt a few or all the habits in your life, you’ll get more done and faster. I hope you find this website useful and fun! Never stop growing, never stop learning and never stop setting goals!

A little more about me

My next phase of work. In the next few years, I plan to start a business and venture into the world of being a solopreneur. I want to work on projects that inspire me, challenge me, and put me in flow states. The mission of this future business is also charitable. I plan to donate 100% of my net profits to local charitable efforts. The more I make the more I have to give.

I have no desire to build some big fancy business. Or make a ton of money. My goal is to build a “machine” that generates cash flow for decades to come. The goal of the business is to do good. The world needs help. It always needs help. Why not design a business that can help? I don’t know medicine. I’m not a lawyer. I know little about environmental science. I can’t directly contribute to worthy causes that need help.

I know how to operate small businesses. So my plan is to do just that and use the cash flow to improve my community.

Contact Me

If you’d like to work with me on a project let me know! I’m always looking for new and interesting opportunities.

Also, if you have any questions or comments feel free to email me