How to Create a Retirement Paycheck

If someone offered you a job that required 10 hours of work per year and a $100,000 salary, would you say hell yes? I’d bet most people would.  What if I told you I created this job for myself, and you could too?  What is this miraculous job? Being the CFO of your own investment … Read more



What’s The Difference? Just a few key differences set them apart Investing in stocks is a great way to build wealth. Investing in US equities for decades can make you wealthy. It’s really hard to beat the US Stock Market. Really hard. Picking individual stocks a game not worth playing. Most US stocks stink. That’s … Read more

VEQT Review

veqt review

An All-In-One Stock ETF for Canadian Investors Investing in the stock market is a proven path to wealth creation. It’s how everyday investors build wealth with the same returns as fancy billionaires. The key is investing regularly and staying invested. It’s best to stay invested during the good times and bad. Do not try and … Read more

Health Savings Account

health savings account

What is an HSA? What you need to know about Health Savings Accounts A health savings account is a great tool to use on your path to financial freedom. If you’re clever and plan ahead, it can act as a supplemental retirement account.  What is a health savings account? A health savings account or an … Read more

XEQT Review

xeqt review

Global Stock Investing in One ETF for Canadian Investors The power of stock investing is spectacular. It’s the cornerstone of building wealth for millions of investors worldwide. Equity investments make billionaires so rich they build rockets to fly into space. It’s also how your unassuming neighbor with an average job became a millionaire. You’d be … Read more

5 Million Dollars

5 million dollars

How to Invest 5 Million Dollars and Retire Early Grow your net worth to a point where work becomes optional. That’s the dream of financial freedom. FatFIRE or comfortable spending without a scarcity mindset is more than enough. Five million dollars is more than enough to fund that dream. Unless you have a spending problem, … Read more

10 Million Dollars

10 million dollars

How to Invest 10 Million Dollars – Retire Early and Make an Impact Ten million dollars is a lot of money. If you invest this money wisely you’ll have more than enough for a lifetime. A ten million dollar portfolio is the beginning of generational wealth. Sensible annual spending will allow your kids to be … Read more


Which ETF is a Better Choice? It’s hard to argue against the value of index investing and the wealth it can create for the everyday investor. Saving and investing a percentage of your paycheck is a simple money habit that can change your life over the long term.  The infamous Warren Buffet has said that … Read more