Mid term goals

Set goals and change your life – Mid term goals, what, why, and how to create them. Two simple mental exercises profoundly changed my life for the better. The first was writing my eulogy. The second and less morbid is the habit of creating goals. The process of creating goals brings clarity to your values.  … Read more

Generational Wealth

generational wealth

A Family Empire of Assets and Perpetual Income. What is generational wealth? An investment portfolio that provides income and assets for successive generations.  Generational wealth requires a large investment portfolio. The portfolio must sustain spending for you and your family. It also needs to sustain spending for your children, your grandchildren, and beyond. If financial … Read more

Money Is Not Everything

7 More Important Things The year 2020 changed the world forever. On a personal level, its sparked many respective days of thinking. I’m grateful for these days, they help bring things into perspective. The world is a fascinating place and there is much to think about.  I’ve been part of the FIRE movement for 3 … Read more

I Appreciate You

i appreciate you

How to Make Someone’s Day with a Simple Phrase Saying thank you is polite. A thank you goes a long way. Saying I appreciate you, goes even further. There’s something about the phrase, “I appreciate you,” that reaches deeper than a thank you. The words express a more genuine sense of gratitude. A deeper sense … Read more

Success is the Best Revenge

success is the best revenge

Build wealth, purpose, and silence your critics The universe will thrust evil upon you. People will double-cross you. You will experience moments in life that make you angry.  It’s not a matter of if, it’s when, and how often. People act in their own self-interest. People look out for themselves not you. As a result, … Read more

Money is Everything

money is everything

Why Money is Everything – The Topic Nobody Talks About I studied economics in college. We talked a lot about money. Outside of the classroom these days, nobody talks about money. I find that beyond strange. It impacts every day of our lives. Directly and indirectly. Fiat money literally makes the world go round. The … Read more

F You Money

f you money

What is F You Money? The Confidence to Choose Good Work I spent a long time writing that letter. It is a true expression of my feelings. I’m saving it for my final year of work. It could be the greatest letter of resignation ever written. I wrote several versions before this. Longer. Wordier. Editing … Read more

Stealth Wealth

what is stealth wealth

Stealth Wealth – The Covert Life of Being Rich and Not Famous Your road to financial independence is a boring one. Earn money, cut spending, and invest the difference. No one knows that every month you buy more shares of the S&P 500. No one cares that you track your spending and cash flow in … Read more

How much money is enough?

how much money is enough

The math of retirement applied to the science of happiness. If you’re seeking early retirement I’m sure you’ve thought about this question a lot. How much is enough? This question is inevitable followed by a series of additional questions. Well, what do I need the money for? What lifestyle do I want to live? Where … Read more

Daily Habits for Financial Freedom

13 Simple Money Habits For Freedom Freedom – Change Your Life Forever These are the habits that I’ve developed and used to gain financial freedom. It took me 10 years to grow my net worth from zero to enough. Work for me is optional. I have these habits to thank for that. I designed each … Read more