I Appreciate You

How to Make Someone’s Day with a Simple Phrase

i appreciate you

Saying thank you is polite. A thank you goes a long way. Saying I appreciate you, goes even further. There’s something about the phrase, “I appreciate you,” that reaches deeper than a thank you. The words express a more genuine sense of gratitude. A deeper sense of goodness. 

Three simple words, I appreciate you, can change someone’s day for the better. Three simple words of recognition have the power to tell a loved one how deeply you care. Being the recipient of these words will make your week and make you forget about your worries for a while. 


I – the one speaking

Appreciate – recognize the full worth of, to admire, to be grateful for

You – the one being addressed

I appreciate you: When a person directs admiration, gratitude, and recognizes the full worth of another. 

What does it mean?

The phrase “I appreciate you” recognizes the individual and directs the gratitude. I see you. I see you for who you are and what you did—the actions in your life matter. You make a positive and meaningful impact on the world around you. You may not get continual feedback for you being you, but you matter. 

I appreciate you. For your thoughtfulness. For all the effort. For all the ways you make my life better, big and small. 

All too often, we fail to tell the special people in our lives that we appreciate them. Partners, friends, and family make up the most important parts of our world. It’s easy to take all their love, support, and devotion for granted. 

Make this week different. Make this month different. Be grateful for all the hard work, sweat, and tears that others put into their daily lives. Live requires a lot of effort to survive and exponentially more to thrive in this crazy world. Realize that you see only a fraction of what others go through each week. Bring awareness to what you notice and understand there is so much more that you do not know about! 

Tell those you love that you appreciate them. With three simple words, you can express many feelings. The phrase also means I see you. I value your life. I’m so lucky that you are you. I’m grateful for the energy and effort it takes to be great. You make it easier for me to me. With your grace and your life, you make life better. I know that you give your love to all those in your life. You make our family’s life better. 

“I appreciate you” means I recognize the full worth of you and I see you for your true self. 

On a scale of 1 to 10 saying thank you is about a 6. Saying I appreciate you as an 11. 

For a quick tangent about scales from 1 to 11 check out this youtube clip.

I encourage you to add the phrase, I appreciate you to your day-to-day living. You don’t need to say it every day, but when the time is right do not hesitate. The words are simple but the ways it makes others feel is profound. Strangers, coworkers, friends, and family will welcome these words. 

If you’re more comfortable expressing yourself via gif, many are, send an I appreciate you gif.

Every day is a blessing and you have the power to make someone else’s day great. Put some good into the world. We always need more good in the world.