Zap Surveys Review

is zap surveys legit

Zap Surveys is a legit way to take surveys and earn cash on your phone. Market research is a big industry. Companies need input from everyday people to navigate marketing and product development roadmaps. As a result, companies are willing to pay consumers like you for their opinions. Zap Surveys is a business that connects … Read more

Papaya Gaming

Papaya Gaming

The company that built a Skill-based Gaming Platform Can you remember the days before smartphones? Doesn’t it feel like a century ago? The smartphone is a staple of modern life, and with that comes the need for mobile entertainment. Mobile gaming is booming. Great demand attracts businesses to the market, intending to generate above-average profits.  … Read more

Google Fi Review

google fi review

A different kind of phone plan I use Google search every day. I use Gmail every day. I use Google Calendar and Google Keep every day. Now I can officially add cell phone service to that list of daily use. You got me Google. You got me good. Previously, I was a Verizon customer going on … Read more

Flex Review

flex review

The App That Lets You Pay Rent On Your Schedule Housing for most Americans is the #1 expense category. A recent study from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows housing is 35% of the average American’s annual expenses. It’s not getting any cheaper to be a homeowner or renter. Rent across America continues to rise … Read more

Kashkick Review

kashkick review

Take Surveys, Earn Cash, and Get Paid to Your Paypal What Is Kashkick is an online rewarded discovery platform. It’s free to join and explore. As an end-user, you earn cash by completing surveys and offers featured on the platform. Kashkick is a website and does not have an android or iOS app. However, … Read more

Skillz Review

skillz review

Is Skillz Legit? A review of the company and its real-money gaming portfolio Have you heard of skillz or one of its popular game titles like Solitaire Cube? Are you wondering how it works and if some of the headlines you see bouncing around the internet are real? I’ll break down the basics, so you … Read more

Smore Review

smore app review

Turn your Andriod Phone into Monthly Passive Income Get paid to look at your phone. Sounds pretty sweet right? S’more was one of the original lock screen rewards apps. This clever app turns your lock screen into a cash cow. Well more like a tiny cash cow that gives you gift cards vs cash.  What … Read more

Personal Capital Review

personal capital review

My favorite personal finance tool and the cornerstone of my financial dashboard. Personal Capital provides a simple and holistic picture of your net worth. It might be the best free money management tool out there. What is Personal Capital? Personal Capital is a financial firm based in California. They offer free financial tools, cash management, … Read more

App Flame Review

app flame review

Get Paid to Play Games with this Andriod app from Play games on your cell phone and get rewards. That’s the idea behind App Flame. Discover new games, play them and get pay pal cash. If you already enjoy playing games on your phone, you might as well earn cash! Get paid in PayPal … Read more

Peerstreet Review

peerstreet review

The Easiest Way to Invest in Real Estate with Short Term Debt Are you interested in real estate investing? Are you looking for a more passive option vs buying rentals? Is the idea of property management unattractive to you? If you said yes to all these questions PeerStreet might be appealing to you.  Crowdfunded real … Read more