Smore Review

Turn your Andriod Phone into Monthly Passive Income

smore app review

Get paid to look at your phone. Sounds pretty sweet right? S’more was one of the original lock screen rewards apps. This clever app turns your lock screen into a cash cow. Well more like a tiny cash cow that gives you gift cards vs cash. 

What is s’more app?

S’more is an Android lock screen rewards app. It’s free to install and free to use. This rewarded app allows you to earn points that can be exchanged for gift cards. Download it today and start earning that lock screen cash! Users get paid every day by the app by allowing ads & content to be on the lockscreen. It’s like having a mini-billboard on your phone.

This app has over 1 million downloads in the Google Play store. It has a 4.3-star rating with 60k reviews.

How does s’more work?

S’more is a lock screen app. You earn points in exchange for s’more placing an ad on your phone’s home screen. It’s like your own tiny personal billboard. You earn 10 points every day for this ad on your lock screen. Use your phone like you normally would and earn 10 points every day. It’s that easy. 

S’more also has more ways to earn more points. S’more allows you to play games and earn points. This is very similar to other rewarded discovery apps like AppStation, Appflame, Mistplay, or Flash Rewards. Here are all the ways to earn points with S’more.

Ways to earn points and cash


The primary way to earn points. An ad is placed on the home screen of your phone. You automatically earn 10 points every day with the lockscreen ad. 10 points is equal to 10 cents. 

Daily use of the s’more app will earn you $3.00 per month. 10 points * 30 days = 300 points = $3.00 

Complete profile

An optional way to earn more points. Creating a profile will earn you one-time points. Hopefully, the app is being clever and using this data to create a better ad experience. It’s basic information, name, gender, phone, email, and location sharing.  

Watch Video

Earn 1 point per short video. The videos are approximately 30 seconds long. These videos are rewarded video ads for other apps and offers. This is a very common way app developers create ad inventory and monetize their apps.

Download Apps

Earn points by downloading other apps. S’more offers a shortlist of featured apps to choose from. All you have to do is download the app to earn your points. You’re free to explore the apps and use them as much or as little as you like. It’s up to you!

Play Games

Earn points for every minute you spend playing games. Getting paid to play games is a fun way to earn more points. To track and earn points you need to enable usage sharing with the S’more app. This allows the s’more to keep track of the minutes spent playing the games. 

S’more does not own these games. So to award points, S’more needs permission from you to access your phone’s usage data. This is a common technical strategy within rewarded app discovery apps.  

Refer Friends

Earn 25 points per friend. Easy enough. Invite friends with a unique link sent to you via text. There does not appear to be a limit on the number of friends you can invite.  

Shop Offers

This section curates shopping offers from retail partners. You can earn points if you buy products or services that are already on sale. The offers are mediocre and you only earn 10 points, or $.10. That’s a pretty poor trade. Spend your money elsewhere. 

Complete Offers

S’more partnered with a 3rd party company, Iron Source, and integrated their widget of offers. This type of ad unit is integrated into thousands of apps across the world. The technology is pretty good and it’s unlikely you’ll have any issues tracking progress.

Almost all the offers in this section are other apps. You earn different amounts of points depending on the required action in each app. Getting to level 7 in the Coin Master app will earn you 1200 points. That’s $12 dollars! Not bad. 


Once you have 300 points, you can cash out for your first gift card. You can claim a $3.00 amazon gift card with 300 points. Earn and save up more points to choose from other gift cards. 

You can also choose an Applebee gift card, a CVS gift card, a Domino’s Pizza gift card, Google Play credits, a Starbucks gift card, a Walmart gift card, a GameStop gift card, or a Target gift card. That’s a pretty good selection. 

Who can use s’more?

The s’more app is only available in the Google play store. Sorry iPhone people, this app is only for Andriod people.

Is s’more legit?

Yes, it’s legit. This was app is owned by Lab456 LLC, an incubator company owned by US Cellular, a large telecom company based in Chicago, IL. It’s strange a clunky old telecom owns an app business but hey who am I to judge?

Effective January 1, 2021 – Lab465 LLC sold the S’more app to Airfind Corp. AirFind is a mobile phone monetization company. Advertising appears to be the core revenue stream for Airfind. As a platform service, Airfind connects with an audience to those that want new customers. AirFind plugs into mobile operators, mobile manufacturers, and app developers to serve ads. The core ad formats are search, home screen, recommended content, and recommended apps.

If the Airfind ad platform is powerful, it should improve the user experience and ad content of the s’more app. Do a good job Airfind! We’re counting on you 🙂

How does s’more make money?

S’more makes money with ad revenue. The ads placed on your home screen generate ad revenue for the app. This ad placement is programmatically sold to ad exchanges. The ad exchanges sell the impression on a CPM basis, cost per thousand impressions. A few pennies per impression is common. 

S’more also makes money when you download and play 3rd party games in the Play Games or Offers for You sections. A 3rd party ad unit, Supersonic Ads, powers the Offers for You section.

S’more could also make money from the affiliate marketing program in the Shop Offers section. I doubt that generates much revenue, the value exchange for you as a user is poor.

How much make can you make with smore?

Minimally you can earn $3 dollars per month from just the lockscreen ad. You could earn $10 to $20 bucks per month if you download and play the games offered by the app. 

You will not earn lots of money from this app. The ad experience is fine and playing games within the app is fun from time to time. Try it out and see for yourself if you’re so inclined.