App Flame Review

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app flame review

Play games on your cell phone and get rewards. That’s the idea behind App Flame. Discover new games, play them and get pay pal cash. If you already enjoy playing games on your phone, you might as well earn cash! Get paid in PayPal and buy bitcoin if you’re feeling froggy.

What is App Flame?

App Flame is an app discovery product. It’s an Android app available for download in the Google Play Store. App Flame connects users to new mobile gaming apps. Download, play and earn coins.

You earn coins per minute of play. The more you play, the more coins you earn. Grow your coins to more than 9898 to redeem your first dollar from PayPal. You can also redeem your coins for gift cards.

App Flame is only available for Android users on Google Play. Unfortunately App Flame is not available for iOS users. Generally speaking, Apple does not allow rewarded discovery apps in their store. Apple wants you to discover apps via their store, not other apps. Vintage Apple policy.

How Does App Flame Work?

App Flame matches mobile gamers, like you, with new, trending, or popular gaming apps. The longer you play these games, the more rewards you earn.

The first step is to install the App Flame app. Then you need to allow App Flame to track Usage Access. Similar to Digital Wellbeing, this setting allows the app to see how much time you spend on other apps. To see all your apps with this permission check your settings.

Setting > Apps & Notifications > Special app access > Usage access

With usage access enabled, App Flame will start rewarding you with coins. You get coins for every minute you play other mobile games. Coins that you can redeem for cash.

When you first open the app, you will see one or two featured apps. Download an app and start playing! Once you start earning coins you’ll unlock other apps. After you redeem your coins for cash you’ll unlock even more apps. Play the games you like. This helps inform the app recommendation model. It will customize the apps on your home screen.

Coins per minute. That’s the short of it. That’s how you get paid to play games. Play, collect coins, and redeem for PayPal cash or gift cards.

How Does App Flame Make Money?

App Flame pays people to play other gaming apps. These mobile apps are a lot of fun and addictive! Play for an hour and before you know it, three hours go by! App Flame turns all gamers into loyal users.

That pattern, discovery, play, loyalty is attractive to other app owners. Developers who build apps are always looking for new customers. Just Dice, the parent company pitches loyalty as their core value proposition. Just Dice claims their discovery app, App Flame, can turn any user into a loyal app user. They claim the secret is their data. The fancy data science matches the best app to every user.

So how does App Flame make money? App owners pay App Flame for every new user to download their app. App Flame gets paid a few dollars per install they drive to other apps. How much does App Flame get paid? It will vary based on how much each app makes from the App Flame audience. The industry term is ROAS (return on ad spend).

Is App Flame legit?

Yes. App Flame is an app brand owned by the Just Dice company. They currently have 29 employees on LinkedIn. Just Dice is one of three companies owned by the App Like Group. The company is located in Hamburg Germany.

The AppLike group is a private company with 84 employees listed on LinkedIn. The company founded in 2015 and focuses on app marketing, ad tech, and mobile gaming.

Other app titles produced by this company include:

  • AppStation
  • Cash Alarm
  • Coin Pop
  • Fitplay
  • Happy Pineapple
  • Lucky Miner
  • Money RAWR

App Flame Reviews on Reddit

Curious what the Reddit community has to say? The people of Reddit will tell you how it is. No holds bar. Check out this beer money thread for reviews.

How Much Can You Make?

Side hustle type money? Not really.

100 coins earn you about a penny. Games on App Flame pay between 200 and 1000 coins per minute. So you can earn between $1.20 dollars and $6.00 dollars per hour. If you average 2 hours per day of gameplay, it’s possible to earn about $7.00 per day.

Play 5 days a week and you’ll end the month with about $35 bucks. It’s beer money but that’s about it.

Is App Flame worth it?

Definitely maybe! If you like playing mobile games on your phone, then you might as well get paid a few shekels. For killing downtime, App Flame is a fun way to earn beer money or chipotle money if that’s more your style.

How to Redeem Your Coins for Cash, PayPal Cash

The cashout process is quick and pretty easy. Navigate to the Payouts section of the menu. If you want cash tap the PayPal option. You’ll need a paypal account to get your money. If you want a gift card tap the amazon gift card or other options they have available.

The app will ask you to verify you’re a person by asking you to take a picture of your face. It’s a little weird but also fun. Hope you’ve been practicing taking selfies all year!

Login into your paypal account and request the money. It takes about a day for the cash to show up in your paypal account. You’ll see a payment from “justdice GmbH” in Recent Activity. Once the money settles it’s official. You’re a professional game player!

If you want to check this app out for yourself, head over to Google Play, and download it already. Have fun!