fat fire

What is Fat Fire? The More than Enough Early Retirement Plan The popular acronym F.I.R.E. stands for Financial Independence Retire Early. The idea is simple. You save 25 times your annuals spending and invest that money in a portfolio of stocks and bonds. A portfolio value equal to 25 times your annual saving comes from … Read more

Barista Fire

barista fire

What is Barista Fire? Your dream job for early retirement Financial Freedom with Part-Time Work The personal finance world is on F.I.R.E. You may have heard of the movement, Financial Independence Retire Early. There are now variations of the save 25x your expenses rule of thumb. What fun! Let’s dive in. Meet FIRE’s new friends: … Read more

Coast Fire

coast fire

What is Coast Fire? The I’m Done Saving for Retirement Plan What is Coast FIRE? Coast FIRE is a lesson in the present value of future money. There are a lot of new phrases within the FIRE community. Lean FIRE, FIRE, Fat FIRE, and Barista FIRE describe versions of Financial Independence. The basics are all similar. … Read more


lean fire

What Is Lean FIRE? Early Retirement for the Minimalists Financial independence is a relative term. The less you spend, the less you need to retire early. Lean FIRE describes those who are financially independent will minimal annual expenses. These people live life on a “lean” budget.  FIRE is an acronym for Financial Independence, Retire Early.  … Read more


What is Slow FIRE? The smell the roses road to financial independence Immediate gratification is great. Rewards today are better than rewards tomorrow. Our reflexive brain is designed to tell us that. We have a strange relationship with our future selves. Future us is abstract and it’s hard for us to wrap our tiny brains … Read more

Darwin FIRE

What is Darwin FIRE? Early Retirement for the Perpetually Curious Reading the book Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, helped me realize the joy of work. Deep work that puts you in a state of flow. I then stumbled upon a few articles describing how Charles Darwin spent his days. He scheduled his day to do … Read more