The Reward Wizard Review

the reward wizard legit?
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Are you getting emails from the reward wizard? Are you wondering what this brand is? Have you been scouring the internet for rewards and income opportunities? We did some research, and this post aims to answer common questions you may have about the reward wizard.

What the reward wizard is not

There was an old site in the UK called Reward Wizard with this web address: Unfortunately, the website is no longer available. And if you visit that URL, you’ll see Google parked domain ads. 

The Trustpilot reviews for Reward Wizard are poor. Perhaps that’s why they took the website offline. Unfortunately, not all websites are winners. 

What is the reward wizard?

The Reward Wizard is an active brand in the US related to the parent Rewards program, Rewards Giant. The Reward Wizard is a customer service brand sending communications on behalf of Rewards Giant. 

These communications are status updates related to your Reward. For example, you’ll get a confirmation email when you sign up for a Deal with Rewards Giant. Like an order confirmation from an online retailer. 

Other communications are reminders to finish the program requirements for the rewards program. 

It takes time to complete the deal requirements for the Rewards Giant program. Taking one deal is quick and easy, but you’ll need to take more to earn the big bucks. Take up to 25 deals to earn up to 1000 dollars. 

The emails and links back to the deal wall are helpful bookmarks to continue the process. 

Rewards Giant

Rewards Giant is the parent brand marketing reward opportunities to users online. This Rewarded Discovery program pays users to discover products and services from brands. 

How does this program work?

Rewards Giant connects end users to their brand partners looking for new customers. Rewards Giant generates revenue by helping brands find and reconnect with customers. Like cashback shopping, Rewards Giant pays a percentage of its revenue to the end-user. 

Take the required amount of Deals, and you qualify for different levels of rewards. For example, you can cash out for 5 dollars or go for big money and earn up to 1000 dollars. 

Is Rewards Giant Legit?

Rewards Giant is a legit website paying users every week who complete the program. Its sister brand, Flash Rewards, boasts that they’ve paid over 16 million dollars to its users on its Facebook page

The reward wizard $750 cash app

Are you getting communication from the reward wizard about $750? You probably stumbled across a cash promotion from Rewards Giant. This promotion features how you can earn up to $750 with Rewards Giant. That cash can be sent directly to your cash app account or your bank account. PayPal and digital gift cards are also available. 

The Reward wizard login

Looking for the login page? Check your Rewards Status with that link. Enter the email you used to register with Rewards Giant. You’ll see the Deals you clicked on and completed on the dashboard. 

Is the reward wizard legit?

The Reward Wizard website in the UK does not look legit and is no longer available. That’s probably for the best. 

The Reward Wizard brand associated with Rewards Giant is legit. This customer service brand helps users take more deals and level up their Rewards. Read our full review of Rewards Giant for more information on this program. 

Reward Wizard Alternatives

Looking for other rewards and ways to earn online? I’ve spent thousands of hours researching rewarded websites and apps, so you don’t have to. 

Check out these options if you’re not feeling what the reward wizard is putting out there. 

Rewarded Apps

I see new Rewarded Apps popping up in the app store every month. Here are my top 3 favorite rewarded apps. 

You earn digital currency for signing up with 3rd party products and services. Downloading and playing other games is the primary option to make money with these apps. 

Secondary money-making choices are featured subscription products from brands you’ll recognize. Streaming music, video, and monthly memberships to clubs. 

Paid Surveys

Getting paid to take surveys used for market research is also a fun way to earn money online. These surveys are free to take, and all the surveys have time to complete estimates. Figure the average survey takes 15 minutes to do. 

My top three favorite survey apps/sites. 

Survey Junkie

Take Surveys. Get Paid.

  • Be an influencer
  • Share your opinion
  • Help brands deliver better products
  • Earn extra cash from your phone

Share your experiences and opinions with these survey apps, and they’ll pay you! The data is anonymized and sold to market research companies. These companies use this data to analyze market trends and sell their findings to big brands. It all starts with you, the consumer!

Be skeptical, have fun, and stay safe out there.