Flash Rewards

Flash Rewards is the lowkey cashback discovery brand awarding millions.

flash rewards

What is Flash Rewards?

Flash Rewards is a Discovery website that connects users to brands looking for new customers. This curated rewarded experience allows users to earn rewards for completing third-party deals. These deals are products and services offered by companies big and small. 

Mobile games, games of skill, digital content, and surveys are among the deal options for users. The more deals you take, the larger the reward you can claim. 

How does Flash Rewards work?

Flash Rewards is like a cashback shopping experience, but you earn way more than you spend. This isn’t like the credit card that pays you a measly 1.5% cashback for buying stuff. 

With Flash Rewards, you can sign up for subscription content like streaming music. You’re probably subscribing to similar services already. But with Flash Rewards, you earn deal credits that count towards your reward.  

Flash Rewards also offers many gaming apps that you download and play to reach a specified event. Like completing level 3 or earning 1000 coins. Stuff like that. 

Gaming apps make money from in-app purchases. Power boosts, spins, coins, and other elements are available for purchase in most games. These powerups help you move through the game faster than playing for free. 

So if you’re pressed for time or just getting boarded. Power up, get to that level, get your deal credit and move on!

Again, Flash Rewards is no free lunch. It takes time to play the mobile games to the required level. And it costs money to sign up for streaming services, music, video, or otherwise. But, if you’re a subscription hoarder, don’t worry. There are apps to help, like Trim, Truebill, and Billsharks. These apps review your transactions, identify unused subscriptions, and cancel them for you!

The Flash Rewards program pays you way more than you’ll spend, even if you load up on subscription deals. You can also concentrate on gaming apps, which are free to play. But, be prepared to block out time since playing the games takes longer. But, don’t worry; there are big rewards to claim and the end of your journey.

Remember: There is no free lunch in economics or Rewarded Discovery programs 😉

How does Flash Rewards make money?

Flash Rewards connects users to brands looking for new customers. Brands are always looking for new customers to grow their business. 

Flash Rewards generates revenue by connecting a new customer to a brand partner. It’s like a referral fee for the introduction. Hey Netflix, I’d like you to be John Doe. John, this is Netflix. I think you’re going to hit it off. 

Brands spend lots of money to find new customers for their products and services. Innovative brands know their customer’s lifetime value and set their budgets accordingly. 

Here’s a simplified example. If a brand makes 100 hundred dollars for a new customer, they may spend up 25 dollars to get that customer. That 25-dollar cost gets paid to Flash Rewards per customer. Flash Rewards books 25 dollars of revenue. Flash Rewards then takes part of that money and pays it back to the end-user. That payout to the user is a cost of doing business for Flash Rewards. 

People helping people and brands helping brands. 

Flash Rewards wants to send the highest valued customers to their brand partners. This allows them to maximize their revenue per customer transaction. So, they may add components to the program to discourage dishonest participation. This helps the brand partners and Flash Rewards from unsavory behavior. 

Flash Rewards unsubscribe

Flash Rewards also shows optional offers to users that visit their website. But, believe it or not, brands still pay for new subscribers to their email newsletters. 

Maybe your Gmail inbox will be clean and empty one day, but probably not. Google makes money from those marketing emails in your promotions folder. 

There are unsubscribe links in the footer of all Flash Reward pages. Enter your unsubscribe contact info if you want to opt-out of marketing emails or calls

Flash Rewards 

FlashRewards.co is the primary domain for the Flash Rewards business. They offer their program to US residents over the age of 18. Check out their Facebook page or Instagram account to see what they’re up to on social media.

Flash Rewards 750

The 750 Shein Gift Card is a popular promotion run by Flash Rewards. You may have noticed it in your social media feed or seen a video ad during one of your weekend YouTube binges. This promotion offers up to a 750-dollar reward for completing 20 deals. For more info, check out this post, Shein Gift Card.   

Flash Rewards UK

Flash Rewards went across the pond! Don’t worry, Britain, you can join the party with Flash Rewards UK. This rewards program offers UK residents all the fun of rewarded discovery. Many of Flash Reward’s brand partners have a global footprint. So it makes sense to provide this program to different regions around the world. 

Flash Rewards CA

Flash Rewards is also available for Canadians at Flash Rewards Canada. It’s the same core program offered in the US and the UK. However, the user flow is slightly different to match the country’s data privacy rules. 

Flash Rewards App

Check out the Flash Rewards App in the Google Play store. It’s still a Rewarded Discovery business model, but with smaller increments of rewards. You earn coins that can be cashed out for gift cards or PayPal cash. It’s like the appetizer version of the core web experience offered at FlashRewards.co. 

Rewarded App Alternatives

Here are our favorite rewarded apps that you can try instead of or in addition to Flash Rewards.

Flash Rewards Review

It’s clever to read some online reviews before signing up for the Rewards website or app. It can give you some clues about what you’re getting yourself into. It also always provokes a few belly laughs. I recommend the 5-star and 1-star reviews. That’s where the gold lives. 

I read 1-star reviews on Google or Amazon when I’m having a bad day. The passion and anger from 1-star reviews are incredible. 

Flash Reward Reviews:

Flash Rewards Scam

The internet’s favorite label for websites and apps they don’t like is “scam.” With all the weird stuff that happens online these days, I don’t blame people for being suspicious. 

Believe it or not, actual companies run real websites to create sustainable profits. Flash Rewards is one of them and it’s definitely not a scam. It’s a Rewarded Discovery business giving out millions of dollars each year to program participants. 

I’ve spent more time on reward websites and apps they any person should. And I’ll be the first to tell you, there is some sketchy shit out there. Maybe I’ll write an epic post on Real Scary Internet Scams, but that’s for another day.

Is flash rewards real?

Yes, Flash Rewards is a real website and app run by a real company. Many real individuals are working many hours to manage this rewards business. Also, Flash Rewards wants to grow profits each quarter and year. For that reason alone, expect them to continually make the program better and easier to use. 

Is Flash Rewards safe?

If you’re asking this question, I applaud you for being skeptical. 

Flash Rewards is a safe program using enterprise-level security. This marketplace needs to protect itself, its brand partners, and its users. 

How do you get paid?

The discovery is fun, and the deals are great but getting paid is the best part of any rewards program. Like many other Rewarded programs, you have options when you cash out. You can get paid via ACH, like a paycheck, a PayPal deposit, or a digital gift card, to name a few. 

I like using the PayPal option for all my online reward programs. It allows me to stash all my earnings from rewards apps in one place and separate that money from my bank accounts. 

I call it my Rewards Slush Fund and use it to buy silly things. I spend 99% of my money on practical things, so having this slush fund is fun. Treat yourself!

Bottom Line: Is Flash Rewards Legit?

Alrighty, time for the internet’s second favorite question about a website or app. Is it legit? 

Flash Rewards is definitely legit! The payouts are competitive compared to other websites and apps in the marketplace. Most rewarded apps focus on microtransactions. Lots of small actions for digital currencies, like coins and tokens. Get enough coins and cash out for $1 or $5.

Flash Rewards offers big rewards for completing the required number of deals. 

  • 2 = $5
  • 5 = $100
  • 10 = $250
  • 15 = $500
  • 20 = $750
  • 25 = $1000 

Also, Flash Rewards isn’t a sweepstake where you need lady luck on your side. 

The reward will be yours if you follow instructions and complete the requirements! But you have to put in the effort, all the deals, and follow the rules.

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