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Flash Rewards – Google Play App Review

flash rewards app
Flash Rewards on Google Play

There are so many reward apps in the app store. Developers all around the world are competing for space on your mobile device. With so many different apps to make money from, it’s hard to choose solid options from the crowd. 

There are three macro-categories within the rewarded app ecosystem. 

  1. Cashback apps – earn a % cashback for buying
  2. Receipt apps – make money for uploading receipts 
  3. Rewarded discovery – earn cash for playing games and discovering products

What is Flash Rewards?

Flash Rewards is a rewarded discovery app in the Google play store. Apple has restrictions with this business model, so iPhone users have limited options. Apple has a wall garden product strategy, so they want their app store to be the service that recommends apps to users, not other apps. 

Vesey Studios is the app studio behind the Flash Rewards App. Their other titles include Boodle, Munchies Rise, and Helix Master. 

Flash Rewards offers users coins in return for downloading apps and taking deals. Earn enough coins, and you can cash out for digital gift cards. Redemption starts at $5 for various gift card options. 

5000 coins = $5

The Flash Rewards App is a micro version of the sister site, Flashrewards. Co. The website program has several levels of Rewards vs. coins. Complete the requisite number of deals per level to qualify for your reward. 

For example, take up to 25 deals to earn up to $1000 in Rewards. 

The Flash Rewards App has three main competitors in the Google Play Store. 

  1. Justdice.io
  2. Mistplay
  3. Rewarded Play

All these apps have the same business model. Take action to earn digital currency. Exchange the digital currency for gift cards, PayPal cash, or profile attributions within the app. 

How Does Flash Rewards Work?

The nuts and bolts of Flash Rewards are the same as its competitors. 

  1. Download the app
  2. Create an account
  3. Play games
  4. Sign up for products & services
  5. Sirus XM
  6. Earn coins
  7. Cash-out
  8. Repeat until bored

Flash Reward does offer “boosts” from time to time. It’s a limited-time opportunity to earn more coins for taking action on select games or digital subscription offers. 

The are many familiar brands featured in the flash rewards app

  • Stash & Acorns – investing apps
  • Sirus XM & Pandora – streaming music
  • Showtime, HBO Max, Hulu & Disney – video streaming
  • Coin Master & Big Farm – gaming apps
  • Coinbase – Crypto investing

Flash Rewards Reviews

4.2 stars with over one million downloads is a solid rating for a rewarded discovery app in the play store. Here are the ratings for direct competitors to Flash Rewards:

  • Misplay – 4.0 stars
  • Cash Alarm – 4.3 stars
  • Rewarded Play – 4.3 stars
  • TapChamp – 4.3 stars

Is flash rewards legit?

Flash rewards is a legit Rewarded Discovery player in the Google Play Store. It is a smaller app than its competitors, but it appears to be gaining ground with over 1 million installs. According to their Facebook Page, the parent company FlashRewards.co has given out over 16 million dollars in rewards. 

The coin currency math is straightforward and less complicated than many competing apps. 

You make $.001 per coin earned. 

The payouts for taking deals are compelling. 

  • Coinbase = 15,000 coins when boosted = $15 
  • HBO Max = 8,000 coins = $8
  • Acrons = 7,000 coins = $7

I usually play other rewarded discovery apps for several hours before earning that much money. 

Is flash rewards a scam?

Flash Rewards delivers competitive earnings potential within its niche. Also, the brands within the app are well-known and solid choices for those new customers.

Many alternative titles are focused on downloading and playing other games. More time-consuming, but you can earn a few bucks without pulling out your credit card. Time or money. There is always a cost!

All in, it’s safe to say flash rewards is not a scam, but as I like to say. Unfortunately, there is no free lunch with reward apps! You need to do things and spend time and money to earn a commission from these apps. 

Alternatives to Flash Rewards

Looking for other similar reward apps to download and try? Here’s a shortlist of well-known competitors from other legit companies. 

Rewarded Apps

Survey Apps

Want to make money taking surveys instead? Here are two standout players in the space. There are many archaic companies in the market research space. These companies are cleaning up the UX, so it doesn’t suck! 

The payouts are small, steady, and reasonably predictable. It’s an excellent alternative option versus playing games or signing up for deals. 

Survey Junkie

Take Surveys. Get Paid.

  • Be an influencer
  • Share your opinion
  • Help brands deliver better products
  • Earn extra cash from your phone
  • Survey Junkie
  • Zap
  • Eureka Surveys

Bottom Line

Flash Rewards App is a straightforward Rewarded Discovery Google App. Unfortunately, it’s not available to iOS users, and it’s limited to US residents. There is limited offer content, but the currency conversion is simple, 5000 coins = $5. The coin payout per offer is above average in the market. There are many deals with payouts above $5, which allows cashout after completing one deal. 

They have a section specifically for the offers = Fast Track to Gift Card.

Looking for an even bigger reward? Check out the 750 shein giftcard from the sister site Flash Rewards. 

Looking for easy-as-pie surveys that offer slow and steady payouts? Check out Survey Junkie. No extra PII or credit cards are required. Just free surveys sold to brands for market research.

As always, be skeptical, stay safe, and enjoy the ride! Have fun out there 😉