Flash Rewards UK Review

The kinda weird but legit way to earn a real money reward

flash rewards uk review
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Have you seen Facebook ads promoting a $750 Shein gift card? Or a TikTok ad touting how to get a 750 PayPal deposit to your account? Did you notice these social media ads by some brand called Flash Rewards? You may be asking yourself, what the hell is this ad? Is this a legit promotion or some millennial meme thing that I will never understand? 

750 pounds is no small sum of money. If these ads piqued your interest, we’ll do our best to add a few more details. If you’re curious about the good, bad, and ugly then read on! 

First, read through the Facebook comments if you see an ad in your feed. They’re amazing. I’m a sucker for good verbal internet diarrhea. Even still, some of the flash rewards scam comments are pure gold. I would love to meet some of the people out there compelled to comment on Facebook ads. Reader beware! You can not unsee some of these ramblings and it might spoil your opinion before forming one on your own. 

At the very least, take a few minutes to check out Flash Rewards UK for yourself. I support being an internet skeptic, there is weird stuff out there. But seeing is believing, and it won’t take too long to see if Flash Rewards is worth more of your time. 

I’ll walk you through some highs and lows of Flash Rewards UK. After that, you’re on your own! The site is owned and operated by a United States based company. Again, do with that information what you will. 

What is Flash Rewards UK?

Flash Rewards UK is a rewarded discovery website. As a user, you get rewarded to discover deals. People like you have an opportunity to get paid to try products and services from brands big and small. 

Flash Rewards UK is not a giveaway or prize draw website. It’s not a game of chance. If you complete the program requirements, you get your reward. Just make sure you are who you say you are. Falsifying your identity is a no-no. 

Flash Rewards launched in the United States and has been available in the UK for a few years. 

How does Flash Rewards UK make money?

Marketing departments big and small are always looking for new customers. It’s the lifeblood of business. This is particularly true for subscription service companies. More subscribers mean more lifetime recurring revenue. 

Flash Rewards makes money by helping companies find new customers online. Marketing departments spend money on Flash Rewards like other ad platforms. It’s small potatoes compared to Facebook or Google. But it is an ad platform. 

These companies pay Flash Rewards to send users to their website, or app. Typically in a model like this, these companies only pay for successful new customers. The value of a new customer can be huge! Flash Rewards takes a part of what they get paid and then turns around to pay that to the end-user. It’s like cashback shopping on steroids! 

Flash Rewards UK is very different than a standard cashback website. One big difference is that the program requires a user to take many deals to claim a reward. Each deal a user takes generates revenue. That’s why the site is able to offer outsized rewards compared to a cash-back shopping site. 

Many of the third-party deals featured on Flash Rewards require a credit card to sign up. Totally normal for a recurring subscription service. There were a few streaming service deals on the website, last time I checked. If you sign up for a stream content service, like Netflix, you do it on Netflix’s website. Not on Flash Rewards. Similarly, if there is a credit card component, that’s handled by the advertising partner. Netflix in this example handles the credit card transaction. Once the credit card transaction finishes, a tracking event is sent back to Flash Rewards. Like a digital receipt send from one server to another. Technology, what is it?!

This pay for new customer model is attractive for advertising partners like Netflix. It’s very effective and can produce low-cost ROAS. Return on ad spend. Only pay for what you get! Sounds like an auto insurance slogan….Oh wait, it is. 

Is Flash Rewards UK Legit?

Yes, it’s a legit website. It’s run by a real company with real people. The purpose of this business is to reward users in a cost-effective way. 

Is it the best website on the internet? Is it the cleanest user experience? Are there common bugs or errors that cause user complaints? Of course, it’s a website run by humans remember? Humans are a clumsy species. Love it or hate Flash Rewards UK gives out a good amount of money every week. 

Across the globe, Flash Rewards gives out millions of dollars every year. If you want to read the opinions of others who gave this website a try. Head over to trust pilot and read the page for this site. Tap this link to access their official page: Flash Rewards UK TrustPilot.

Public service announcement. Same message I give to my nephews before we put together IKEA furniture. Read the instructions first! Is it fun to use the drill and screw stuff together? You bet. I’ve been doing it for years and it never gets old. IKEA, Lego for adults since 1943. I know it’s a boring word of caution. But with any website out there paying out real cash, you must read the program requirements. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and money.  

Once you’re familiar with the basics of the program. Turn your attention to the third-party advertiser deals. These are the products and services that you need to sign up for to earn credit. Earn enough credits and the reward is yours!

When you complete the program customer service will process your claim ticket. No matter what promotion brought you to the site, you’ll be able to choose how you get paid. Choose between a digital gift card, a deposit made to your PayPal account, or an ACH (wire) to your bank account. Whatever works best for you! I like to use the PayPal options when using rewarded sites like this. Keeps the money separate from my day-to-day finances. I think of it as a rewards slush fund. I also make sure to spend the money on the fun stuff. 

Do I regret wiring some money to my Fan Duel account to bet on sports? Of course. But it makes for good fun on a Saturday afternoon. 

Flash Rewards UK Scam

Short answer. No. It’s not a scam. Do internet trolls love to call things a scam that they don’t understand? Oh yeah, it’s one of their favorite words. With all the crypto-related scam sites out there, it’s good to be careful. 

Is Flash Rewards UK a free lunch? Of course not! Nothing in life is free or easy. If it’s too good to be true, it usually is! Everything costs some time and money. That being said, Flash Rewards UK may be one of the better reward sites out there on the internet. From a pure effort vs. reward standpoint. If you sign up for a bunch of deals you qualify to get 750 pounds sent to your PayPal account. Curious about signing up for ten streaming content apps? How about playing ten gaming apps for a few hours? That’s around the required level of effort to get your deal credits and submit your claim form. Not too shabby there chap. 

Flash Rewards is a website powered by marketing dollars. Plain and simple marketing dollars. By connecting users to brands looking for new customers, they generate serious revenue. A good chunk of that revenue gets paid back to the very user generating the revenue. The end-user. The curious internet people like you. Is it a less common business? Absolutely. But it is not a scam. 

Shein 750 gift card

Flash Rewards UK runs hundreds of different promotions. The most popular is the 750 Shein gift card. Many internet users are asking themselves the same question, is the £750 Shein legit? Rightfully so! When things look too good to be true. Error on the side of caution. Be skeptical. Be suspicious. And stay safe! The reality is, you can definitely get a £750 gift card from flash rewards. 

I can’t in good conscience, say it would be a wise personal finance decision to spend all that money on Shein clothes. I get it, it’s a windfall. I know you want to YoLo and treat yourself. 

How about this instead. Spend half and invest half. Your future self will thank you for your wise decision. 

Paypal 750

Not a Shein gift card fan? Did you scroll past all those ads on your social media feed? I don’t blame you. Maybe you’ve noticed another popular promotion from Flash Rewards. The Paypal 750 reward. That might be more in your wheelhouse. Complete the program and get 750 pounds sent to your PayPal app. Use those funds for whatever you like after that. 

Flash Rewards UK Review

There are few sites like Flash Rewards available in the UK. The closest competitor appears to be OhMyDosh. The programs are similar but the super high payouts, £750, are unique to flash rewards. If you have time to give both sites a good hard look, it shouldn’t take too long to see which one is more interesting for you.