750 Paypal

The 750 Paypal Reward: A unique way to get $750 to your PayPal account by playing games and trying subscriptions

There are many ways to make money online. Some good, some bad. Some easy. Some hard. And some that seem just too good to be true. When that happens, it’s usually too good to be true. Then there are promotions by Flash Rewards. It’s different. It’s a unique rewards program that pays you big bucks to discover sponsored deals. It’s not a traditional cashback or loyalty rewards program. It’s more like a gig and way more fun than doing dishes or catering a wedding. 

The ads are all over social media. You’ve seen them, even if you didn’t stop scrolling to read them. A popular promotion that’s attempting to break the internet. The 750 PayPal reward. The ad draws your attention by calling out how to get $750 sent directly to your Paypal app.

That’s a pretty slick deal. Paypal payments are widespread in the rewarded discovery ecosystem. I typically see this payment option as the default choice for rewarded apps. For example App Flame, Rewarded Play, and Mistplay.

How it Works

Here are the five high-level steps. They vary in time and effort. The fourth step is the core of the program. Sign up for 3rd party deals, and earn credit for completing the action. 

  1. Register. Complete the forms with your profile information—name, address, contact information, street address, date of birth, and gender. 
  2. Complete survey. An optional survey varies in length based on your profile info and survey responses. 
  3. View optional offers. More ads on the internet, go figure. There are a few optional ads to view before seeing the offer wall. You can skip all these if they are not attractive. 
  4. Complete the deal requirements. The number of required deals depends on the value of the reward you’re after. Read the program requirements to get the specifics. You can also cash out early for a lesser reward value. 
  5. Submit claim form. Log into the reward status page with the email address associated with your profile. Then, you can submit the claim form to request your reward when all deals are completed. Once the customer service team processes your claim, you get paid!

How to claim 750 PayPal

Do the deals! The core of the Flash Rewards program is completing sponsored deals to earn credit. So register, complete the survey, skip all the optional ads, and focus on the required deals! The deal credits take a while to process, and it varies depending on the deal. Check the reward status page for the status of each deal you click on or signed up for. 

Follow the instructions!

Are you one of those people who assemble furniture without reading the instructions? Move on. This program is not for you! There are two levels of instructions you need to follow. The first level is the flash rewards program requirements. The second level is the requirement for every deal you sign up for. Again it varies from deal to deal. Different games require different events. Different subscriptions require other usage or out-of-pocket cost. It’s not hard to do. But you need to follow the instructions! 

Again, if you’re more of a free spirit who doesn’t like to follow instructions, do something else. This 750 Paypal reward from Flash Rewards isn’t for you. 

Is it free money?

No! What kind of ridiculous question is that. There is no such thing as a free lunch or free money. Everything costs time and money. Everything. Even this sweet $750 reward gets sent to your Paypal account. Refer to the last paragraph. Follow the instructions! Read the requirements for every deal! Pro-tip. The subscription deals that cost a little money are way faster to complete. So get out the credit card and start shopping!

Is the 750 PayPal reward legit

Shockingly yes. Flash rewards is a legit website run by a legit company. Its mission is to give away money to those that complete the program requirements. So yeah, the 750 Paypal reward is legit for those who FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS 🙂

I’m a big fan of online reviews. Love them. Google reviews make my day. People say the craziest things. So my recommendation for online products and services. Read the 1-star reviews and the 5-star reviews—that’s where the juice is. 

Read the reviews. Enjoy them and then decide if you want to give this reward program a go. Know that you will get paid if you complete the program successfully. 

Visit Flash Rewards to get started.

Flash Rewards markets in 4 countries around the world. Find your country and use the trust pilot verified company website link to check it out for yourself.

Have fun and spend your money wisely 😉 Don’t forget to read in instructions and program requirements before getting started! Stay safe out there.