Flash Rewards Canada Review

The under the radar website that allows you to earn rewards at home.

flash rewards canada
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You may have seen Facebook ads promoting a $750 Shein gift card, or 750 Paypal deposit to your account. You may have noticed these sponsored ads are from a brand called Flash Rewards. If you’re like most people. You’re probably wondering, what is Flash Rewards? Is this promotion real? Can you really earn 750 dollars? Maybe you got curious and read through some of the comments on these ads. 

Skeptics, haters, and the self-appointed internet police have a lot to say. A lot to say about, well, anything and everything. Reading comments on Facebook ads is like opening Pandora’s book of internet mayhem. Buckle up and enjoy the ride. 

You’ll see everything from, “this is a scam, don’t waste your time.” to “I couldn’t believe how easy this was, still seems too good to be true.”

One fascinating thing about these comments. Many people make these claims without even clicking on the ad and seeing for themselves! It’s great to be a skeptic, the internet is a dark and strange place. But to find out what’s real or not, you often need to see for yourself. 

We’ll dive in deep and highlight the pros and cons of Flash Rewards Canada. After that, you’ll have to decide for yourself if want to give this program a try or not. 

What is Flash Rewards Canada?

Flash rewards Canada is a rewarded discovery website. It gives users, aka people like you, the opportunity to earn money by signing up for products and services. From big brands that offer streaming content to gaming apps that you never knew existed. By signing up for these deals, you discover the services that they have to offer. And if you complete the requirements of the program, you get rewarded!

Flash Rewards Canada is not a giveaway or sweepstakes website. It’s a rewards program that allows you to earn a reward by completing the program requirements. 

Flash Rewards launched in the United States and is now available in Canada. 

How does Flash Rewards Canada make money?

Brands big and small are always looking for ways to find new customers. The greatest product or service in the world isn’t a great business without customers. Flash Rewards helps these brands find new customers online. These brands pay Flash Rewards when they get a new customer. Flash Rewards is then able to pay its users with a part of these proceeds. It’s kind of like earning cashback when shopping online. There are definitely differences, but it’s an OK way to think about the business model.  

The Flash Reward program requires users to sign up for multiple deals. Each deal generates revenue for Flash Rewards. Each deal also counts as a credit towards the reward. As an end-user, you can claim your reward after completing the required number of deals. All the available deals are third-party websites or apps. 

Many of the deals require a credit card to create an account and start your subscription trial. For example, if you sign up for a streaming content service like Netflix. Netflix would process your credit card information. Not Flash Rewards. When your credit card transaction is approved, a tracking event is sent back to Flash Rewards. Like a digital receipt letting them know the action was successful. Advertising partners, like Netflix in this example, pay Flash Rewards a fixed amount for that transaction. The amount will be a part of the lifetime value of the average new customer. 

Advertising partners like this model because they only pay for new customers. It’s a very effective way to spend marketing dollars. In contrast, when you run a TV ad, you hope that it translates into new customers and sales. 

Is Flash Rewards Canada Legit?

Yes. It’s run by a real company with real people. Love or hate it, Flash Rewards Canada rewards people every week who complete the program. Read the program requirements before you do anything. It’s the same boring advice that applies to assembling furniture. Read the instructions before you start hammering together stuff. I know hammering stuff is fun but read the damn instructions. 

Read and follow the program requirements. Read and follow the credit instructions for the deals you sign up for. Reach out to customer service if there is a tracking error with any deal you sign up for. Check your reward status after you complete each deal. Once you complete the required number of deals, complete the claim form. When your claim form is processed, congratulations it’s payday. You can choose between a digital gift card, a PayPal deposit, or an ACH right to your bank account. Flash Rewards Canada might be the side hustle of the year for you 😉

Flash Rewards gives out millions of dollars each year to people like you. A funny note about this program is that even after people get paid, they still don’t believe it. Read some of the reviews on Trustpilot and see for yourself. You’ll also see lots of internet trolls claiming the program isn’t real and that it’s a scam. The internet loves 1-star and 5-star reviews. Who honestly has the time to leave a 3-star review? Must be nice to have that much free time on your hands. 

Flash Rewards Canada Scam

There is no such thing as a free lunch. Or a free anything these days. Everything costs time and money. However, great deals still exist. Flash Rewards Canada might be one of the better deals on the internet that you’ve never heard about. To earn a reward you need to complete the program requirements. The largest effort piece is completing the required number of deals. The most popular deals are gaming apps and subscription services. 

Complete 4 deals on your way to getting a 100 dollar reward, or 10 to earn up to 1000 dollars. Some of these subscription deals are well-known streaming services. Why does every streaming service have a plus after the name? Why did every executive go to the same marketing boot camp? What should we call our new streaming app? How about our existing company with the plus at the end. Brilliant! 

Flash Rewards is not a scam. It is a website powered by marketing dollars. The core purpose of the website is to connect end-users to brands. And to get paid for doing that. Performance marketing in a pure form. 

You also complete a user profile as part of the onboarding process. Here’s a truth few people want to believe. No marketing company wants your data. They don’t care about who you are and they sure as hell don’t want to steal your identity. Marketing companies want data to improve your ad experience. Why? Because a better ad experience works better. It generates more profit. 

User data is a means to a sales funnel end. Marketing exists to sell products and services. I happily give Google loads of data about me. Track the hell out of me Google! If I’m going to see ads, I’m going to make sure they’re ads about things I’m interested in. 

Also, I’ve listened to many Crime Junkie podcasts. So if I go missing, all that tracking data should come in handy. Seriously, track me down. Save me! Lol.

Shein 750 gift card

Flash Rewards Canada is the website running these promotions. . The most common promotion, that you’ve probably seen on social media, is the 750 Shein gift card. 750 dollars can buy a lot of clothes from Shein. I don’t know why any person would spend that much money on Shein stuff, but who am I to stop you? 

Here’s my 15-second personal finance tip. Spend half. Just like your paycheck. And take the other half and invest it. Your future self will thank you. Venture outside your country’s index and buy shares of the S&P 500, the US-based index fund. 

Paypal 750

Not a Shein gift card person? Did you gloss over all those ads following you around the internet? Maybe you’ve noticed another popular Flash Rewards Canada promotion. The Paypal 750 reward. Complete the program, and Flash Rewards will deposit 750 big ones to your PayPal app. That’s way better than a gift card! Cash is king! 

Flash Rewards Canada Review

Flash Rewards Canada stands out as one of the best reward programs you’ve never heard of. It’s a one-of-a-kind program for the bored Canadian scrolling through social media. If you have the time and desire to sign up for ten or more 3rd party deals. You can get a pretty nice reward for yourself. 

Remember, the internet is a strange and dark place. It’s good to be skeptical. It will keep you safe from all the weird shit out there

So make sure to:

  • Read the program requirements. 
  • Read the instructions for each deal you sign up for. 
  • Log into the reward status page for progress status. 
  • Contact customer service with questions. They are there to help.
  • Spend your reward money on something fun. Treat yourself. 
  • Better yet, invest it. Future rewards are even sweeter.