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$750 Venmo Reward: A Lesser-Known and Legit Way To Get a $750 Venmo Reward

750 venmo reward

Venmo is a fantastic app. It made sending money to your friends and family super easy. They single-handedly solved splitting the dinner bill across many credit cards. One lucky friend racks up the points, and everyone else Venmo’s them their share. 

Venmo’s ease of use and convenience fueled its popularity very quickly. Millions of people joined and started to use Venmo for various reasons. Including business and paying for services of everyday life. Venmo also has a debit card for people to use out in the wild when they’re shopping at Target or Walmart.

Venmo scams

The proliferation of Venmo also brought unsavory people into the ecosystem. The people who are not morally grounded and looking for ways to take advantage of others. This means users beware because there are Venmo scams out there, and some of them are pretty tricky. 

A scam called the “Accidently Transfer” can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. The BBB is getting thousands of complaints per day due to this scam. Thousands a day! Ok, it goes like this. 

You get an alert that someone just sent you money. Then you get a text saying, sorry, I accidentally sent you that money by mistake. Can you please send it back? It appears innocent and sounds like something anyone of us could do. 

Here’s the trick. The scammer uses a stolen credit card to send you money. That money will get flagged and removed from your account once identified as fraud. So, if you return the money, you’re actually sending this person your money! When that accidental transfer disappears, you’re screwed. Once you send money from Venmo, the money is out the door and gone forever. 

Here are other common Venmo scams that you need to be aware of to stay safe. 

SMS or Email phishing scams

The common approach is when someone pretends to be Venmo to get information from you. Most often, to access your account and steal your money. 

Never give your pin number to someone over the phone. Venmo will never ask you to do this. Only scammers will try this. 

Always be on the lookout for messages, SMS, Email, or DMs, that say you’ve already won something. Entering your Venmo account details to get this prize is sketchy and probably part of a scam.

A stranger asks to borrow your phone. 

If a stranger comes up to you and asks to borrow your phone, beware! The stranger pretends to or actually makes a phone call to someone, but they don’t pick up. Then the person says, I’ll just send them a text instead. While they’re doing that, they go into your Venmo and send themselves money! Stealing from you right under your nose!

This can also happen at a bar if you’re trying to hook up. You give your phone to a potential hookup to score their digits. While they’re doing that, they go into your Venmo and send themselves some money! A simple no thanks would be much more civilized. 

Fake Venmo request from your friend

This scam involves creating a Venmo username and profile that looks like one of your friends. Then, they send a Venmo request for a smaller amount of money or a recently posted amount on your public profile. The trick here is that’s not your friend.

Venmo $750 Reward

Are you sufficiently skeptical and Venmo scams? Good, you should always be wary. The internet is a weird place. 

But, you may have seen a promotion on social media about a $750 Venmo reward. Flash Rewards runs ads that offer users a way to earn up to $750 for their Venmo or other digital wallets. Cash for you Cash App, PayPal, and Zelle are other ads you may see from Flash Rewards. 

Is the $750 Venmo real?

If the promotion you’ve seen for $750 towards your Venmo is sponsored by Flash Rewards, it’s real. But, unlike the scams that seek to steal money from you, the Rewards program run by Flash Rewards pays you! Cashouts start at $5, but you can earn up to $750 by completing the program requirements. 

What is Flash Rewards?

Flash Rewards is a Rewarded platform that connects consumers to their brand partners. Users discover and sign up for products and services. Brands find new customers. These brands pay Flash Rewards when they get new customers. It’s like all other marketing efforts brand pursuit online. 

Flash Rewards takes a percentage of that revenue and pays it to the user. You can think of it as a cashback program on steroids. The cash rewards are way higher than the measly 2% cash back you get with most credit cards. 

Check out our Flash Rewards Review post for more details about the program powered. 

Flash Rewards has various marketing efforts, each with different promotions to attract customers. A 750 Shein reward for the fashion shopper or 750 PayPal cash for the online shopper. One of their popular promotions is the $750 Venmo Reward. Venmo is a popular payment transfer app, and couldn’t we all use another 750 bucks in our Venmo app? 

The Flash Rewards 750 Venmo ad play into the feeling you get when you open your Venmo app. Damn, I wish there was more money in this thing. Maybe I can negotiate with my friend how much I actually owe them for the pizza we split last night. I mean, I only had 2 slices. 

If you follow the instructions, that 750 Reward could be yours! The program’s core concept is to take Deals, which are products and services from 3rd party brands. Streaming music and streaming video apps are popular options. As well as casual games and games of skill. True to form, other rewarded apps are available in the Flash Rewards program. 

The deal requirement for the 750 Reward is 20 deals. So sign up, take the optional survey, skip to the Deal Wall, and start signing up to be on your way to 750 bucks. The streaming service apps have the typical monthly recurring cost for their services. 

Many of the casual games are free to download and play. But, as you know, time is money! So you can cruise through these apps and get to the required level with in-app purchases. 

A starter pack, a few boosters, and you’ll be there in no time. A few bucks out of pocket to save hours of waiting for your spins to regenerate is a no-brainer. 

Is Flash Rewards Legit?

Flash Rewards is legit, albeit a lesser-known way to earn massive rewards online. Their Facebook page claims they’ve paid over 16 million dollars to their users. That’s a lot of money! If you’re a local resident over 18 and no one in your household recently completed the program. You’re presumably good to get started. 

Flash Rewards is available in:

As always, read the instructions before you get started. The internet is weird, people. So you gotta stay informed and stay safe!

Once you register and complete the survey, you’re ready to start taking Deals! It’s essential to keep in mind that all these Deals are products from 3rd party brands. So if you experience an error when signing up, it can be an issue on the brand side or Flash Rewards. Reach out to the Flash Rewards customer service for help. They can help you navigate the deals if needed. 

Do the Deals, submit your claim form, and get ready for payday! You have a few different options when cashing out. 

Like most reward apps or websites, processing your cashout request takes a few days. 

My preferred method is PayPal for all Rewarded Apps and Websites. Most programs offer it, and it keeps my Rewards separate from everyday banking life. My PayPal Rewarded cashout wallet also makes it easy to invest in crypto. So if I’m feeling really saucy, I’ll roll my rewards cash into Bitcoin or Ethereum. To the moon!

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