Kashkick Review

Take Surveys, Earn Cash, and Get Paid to Your Paypal

kashkick review

What Is KashKick.com?

Kashkick is an online rewarded discovery platform. It’s free to join and explore. As an end-user, you earn cash by completing surveys and offers featured on the platform. Kashkick is a website and does not have an android or iOS app. However, the website is mobile-friendly and easy to use on a smartphone. 

How Does It Work?

Kashkick requires you to create an account to access the content on the platform. It’s free and easy to sign up. You only need an email address and a password. There is also the option to create your account via Paypal. I chose that method, and it only requires a few taps on your phone. It’s super easy and takes less than a minute. 

Cash withdrawals get paid via Paypal, so make sure you have a Paypal account before joining. After creating your account, complete your user profile to earn an easy $1.00. It only takes a minute. This profile information facilitates getting matched to the right survey opportunities.  
After your profile is complete, explore the surveys and featured offers on the site. The surveys are free and only require your time. The featured offers are games, subscription content, financial service products, and lifestyle apps.

Each survey and offer displays how much you will earn for completing the required action. Follow the instructions, and the cash will credit to your account after you finish. Once your account balance exceeds $10, you can request a withdrawal to your Paypal account. 

Ways To Earn Money With KashKick

There are three primary methods of earning money in KashKick:

  1. Answer Surveys
  2. Take Offers
  3. Referrals

The first is taking surveys. The surveys are free and vary in the time required to finish. The earnings range from a few cents to a few dollars. The longer the survey, the more money you earn. 

kashkick surveys

The second method is signing up for the featured offers on the platform. Here are a few popular offers that you might recognize:

  1. Stash
  2. Acorns
  3. Credit Sesame
  4. AARP
  5. Walmart Money Card
  6. Ibotta
  7. Doordash
  8. Huuuge Casino Slots
  9. PG Good Everyday
  10. Protect by Experian

There’s an OK mix of financial products, cashback programs,  games, and lifestyle products. There are typically less than 30 deals available when I log into my account. It wouldn’t take long to run the table and sign up for all these offers. 

The third method is referring friends or people you know to the platform. The referral program is different from your standard $10 per person you refer. Instead, you earn 25% of your referred person’s earnings on the platforms. This referral program can be lucrative if you refer active members who like to earn online cash. But, to be fair, it does smell a little like a pyramid scheme. It’s not like Micheal Scott selling prepaid phone cards, but it’s in the neighborhood of MLM. 

On the homepage, Kashkick calls out that you can earn cash by watching videos and surveying the web. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any way to do either of those things. Rewarded video is commonplace on many rewards websites or apps. I don’t know why they would feature that on the landing page if it weren’t available. My guess is that the product manager at Kashkick is way behind schedule.

Pros of KashKick

Here’s what to like about the Kashkick.com platform:

  • Easy signup process
  • Good profile UX
  • Plenty of surveys are available
  • Earn cash, not points
  • Low minimum withdrawal
  • Get paid via Paypal

Kashkick.com offers one of the better signup user experiences on the web. I liked the option to use PayPal to create my account. Firstly, it only required a few taps on my smartphone to create my account. Secondly, you need Paypal to cash out your earnings, so it’s helpful to have this connection already set up.  

The platform’s primary orientation focuses on taking surveys to earn cash. You can choose the survey based on how much time you have on your hands. Longer surveys pay more money. The surveys are easy to tap through, even on a mobile device. The surveys are an excellent way to fill some dead time in your day and make a few bucks. I like to bang out a few surveys during my train ride to work. It helps pass the time and makes me feel productive. 

Many rewarded websites and apps, like App Flame or AppStation, provide Paypal cash-out options. It’s my preferred method of withdrawing real money from apps. It’s easy, secure, and allows me to stash my cash in one spot. Keeping the money in my Paypal account separates it from my normal banking cashflows. It’s my rewarded discovery slush fund! 

Cons of KashKick

  • No signup bonus
  • Limited offers to choose from
  • Short descriptions and instructions for offers
  • No filtering or sorting options
  • No categorization of offers

Signing up for Kashkick is easy, but they do not offer a signup bonus or incentive to join. It’s not a huge negative, but getting a few bucks to join is always a nice perk. 

The survey section of the site is solid. However, the offers are limited. With about 20 – 30 deals for most users, that’s only a week or two worth of content for active users. You could bang out 25 offers in a few days if you wanted to. Based on what’s in my account now, that’s about $275 in potential earnings. The offers aren’t different from what I see on other rewards websites or apps. There are a few Fiserv products, a few games, cashback apps, and market research panels. 

Tapping on an offer pulls up the offer card details. Unfortunately, you only get a paragraph of text to figure out what the offer is, and if it’s worth your time. I’d like to see a little more detail on the platform for each offer. It’s annoying to visit the third-party website to figure out if I want to take the deal or not.

The limited offer selection makes filtering less valuable, but something would be helpful. For example, filtering by earnings, time requirements, or cost would improve the experience. Also, I would like to sort by what’s trending or popular on the platform. I expect content curation platforms to borrow good ideas from the big boys, i.e., Netflix.

Kaskkick Reviews

I love internet reviews; there’s something about the unfiltered and emotionally charged nature. Online reviews highlight the best and worst of humanity in a very entertaining way. Google reviews are my favorite. People give stars to everything, from the Grand Canyon to Michelangelo’s David

The sad news for KashKick, is there aren’t that many reviews out there. Trustpilot and Facebook are good destinations to find out what people are saying.

KashKick Trustpilot

Seventy-two reviews with a net rating of 3.7 stars. Not bad and in the normal range for a rewards site. 

Kaskick Facebook

There are nine reviews with a net rating of 4.1 stars. That’s a tiny sample size. Come on, Facebook people, tell us what you think, and don’t be shy!

How Much Can You Make With KashKick?

Kashkick has solid options to take surveys daily. It’s not hard to earn a few bucks on your daily commute to work. Making $2.00 to $2.50 per hour of survey taking is reasonable. It’s not a lot of money, but it’s not a lot of work! 

If you take an offer each day on top of that, you could get closer to $10 per day. The payouts for offers range from $.50 to $50, but the average is closer to $5.00. 

You can earn $250 – $300 by taking all the offers, but you’ll run out of inventory. If you want to make smaller amounts consistently each day, taking surveys is best. 

Here’s a reason range if expected earnings based on a mix of surveys and offers: $5 to $10 per day or $150 to $300 per month.

Key Points:

  • Surveys: always-on, low payout, free, limited data entry
  • Offers: limited inventory, high payouts, varying out of pocket cost, faster to complete on average

How Do You Get Paid?

Time to get paid! Withdrawing earnings from KashKick is simple with PayPal. Request a withdrawal once your account balance exceeds $10. The funds will hit your PayPal account in a few days. Again, you need a PayPal account to get paid by Kashkick. Currently, that’s your only option. Luckily it’s a great option! Having a PayPal account comes in handy, and it’s painless to signup. So if you’re an alien without PayPal, download the app today 😉

kashkick cashout to paypal


  • Earn dollars, not points
  • Minimum balance to withdrawal = $10
  • Get paid to your Paypal account

Is KashKick a Scam?

The most popular question for every rewards website and app. Is this a scam? No, KashKick is not a scam. It’s a rewards platform that pays you real money for taking surveys and signing up for offers. These actions generate revenue, that allows KashKick to turn around and pay you a small percentage of that revenue. Win-win. This business model is commonplace. Think of it as a turbocharged version of cashback shopping.

Kashkick is a platform that connects you, the end-user, to third-party advertisers. That means Kashkick doesn’t own the surveys or offers on their website. They may own a small few, but most are external partners. 

How market research surveys work in 30 seconds 

  • Research companies need data samples from a range of user demographics. 
  • They also need data from specific users until they fill a demographic bucket. 
  • End users are anonymous inputs to distribution models and fancy statistics.

So, what does this means for you as a survey taker? You’re going to get disqualified from taking surveys often. You will get disqualified while taking surveys based on how you respond! That’s normal, and you should expect that. That’s how this whole ecosystem works. So, don’t get mad, and don’t try to change your answers next time. Keep the trucking along and answer the questions as quickly and honestly as possible. 

Taking offers instead of surveys is faster and more lucrative. But no free lunch here! These offers can cost money.

You may recognize a few of the brands featured on the platform. But, again, these are all third-party advertising companies working with Kaskkick. Many of them are not great technology companies. Their marketing departments are looking for cheap ways to find new customers.

Signing up for these third-party products and services relies on imperfect technology connections. They will fail. They will be buggy, and they will not work in real-time. I don’t care what those tech nerds say; nothing works seamlessly.

Most of the time, you’ll be OK, and things will run well enough to get paid for your intended actions. And when it doesn’t work, don’t freak out and yell scam. Instead, contact customer service. I’m sure they’ll help to the extent they can. AARP and Experian are not trying to scam you by not giving you your few bucks for signing up for their products. It’s probably just a technical issue that needs fixing.


  • Kashkick is not a scam
  • Surveys will disqualify you
  • Offers will not credit you appropriately from time to time

Is KashKick Legit?

Yes, Kashkick is a legit website run by an honest company with actual employees. It’s NOT a fly-by-night underground operation.

There are and will be marketing promises that embellish the Kashkick platform. It’s a rewarded discovery platform that pays you for taking surveys and completing featured offers. It’s a fun and straightforward way to earn money from your phone. It’s a downtime filler that’s arguably more productive than endlessly scrolling on Facebook. 

The earnings potential is not groundbreaking, and it’s not passive. You need to actively take surveys and offers to keep earnings cash.

There is a lot of weird stuff on the internet. Some scams try to pry out sensitive information and money from your wallet. Luckily, Kashkick is not one of those shady operations.


  • Kashkick won’t make you rich
  • It’s not passive income
  • It’s mainly about the surveys
  • Withdrawals are easy with PayPal
  • Earn money taking surveys
  • Get paid to find great deals
  • Cashouts starting at $5
  • Get paid directly to your PayPal
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KaskKick Alternatives

If you’re curious about this website, sign up and look around. It’s a no-cost low-risk way to see if the platform is worth your time. You may like what you see, or you may hate it. Be critical and objective but go in with an open mind. Rewarded sites like Kashkick pay millions each year to end users like you! There’s not so hard money to be made in the rewarded discovery economy.

Survey Junkie

Take Surveys. Get Paid.

  • Be an influencer
  • Share your opinion
  • Help brands deliver better products
  • Earn extra cash from your phone

Wondering what else is out there? Here’s a shortlist of competitors to explore:

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Survey Junkie
  3. Inbox Dollars
  4. App Flame
  5. AppStation
  6. Flash Rewards

Have fun, be safe and enjoy the rewarded experience. Did you give Kashkick a try? Good, bad, or ugly, contact me and share your thoughts. I love an extraordinary Rewards horror story.