Rewards Giant Review

A rewarded discovery storefront spanning the globe

rewards giant legit
Photo by Kyle Johnston on Unsplash

The rewarded universe of websites and apps is big these days and getting bigger. Existing companies are building new sites and app titles at a rapid pace. In addition, new businesses are entering the market to grab a piece of the profit pie. In this post, we’re looking at Rewards Giant. It’s a website/brand powered by UpLevel Rewards. 

Rewards Giant is a growing digital business with a footprint in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. This site has a Giant ambition to provide rewards on a global scale. Sorry, that pun was terrible, but I couldn’t help myself. 

Is rewards giant legit

Rewards giant is a legit rewarded discovery website. If you execute the program requirements and submit your claim form. You will get paid by the customer service team. You can even choose to get the money sent via ACH to your checking account. That’s as easy as getting a paycheck.  

This might be the most significant rewards bounty on the web. The highest reward level pays out $1000!  That’s leaps and bounds higher than other reward websites like Kashkick or Swagbucks. 

Rewards Giant is powered by the UpLevel Rewards program. This reward technology platform also powers Flash Rewards. A brand that you may have seen running ads in your social media feed. The rewards platform for Rewards Giant and Flash Rewards pays out a lot of money to users every year. According to their Facebook page, they’ve paid over 16 million dollars to their users. 

750 cash app

The “Get $750 for your cash app” is a popular promotion run by Rewards Giant. It offers users the opportunity to earn $750 by signing up for 20 deals. These deals are advertising partners of Rewards Giant. They’re mostly gaming apps and subscription content services. The brand names are well known and consist of a few of the biggest brands’ names on the web.   

750 Shein gift card

If you don’t have a cash app account, maybe you never noticed those ads. Another popular promotion run by Rewards Giant is a $750 Shein gift card. Discover and signup for 20 partner deals and complete the claims process. Then, you get paid $750 to use for whatever your heart desires. A $750 Shein shopping spree sounds bananas to me, but do you.    

Is Rewards Giant USA legit?

Rewards Giant launched in the US, and I’ve seen some ads running with Reward Giant USA branding. If I had to guess, these ads were created by affiliated partners of Rewards Giant. Every business under the sun has an affiliate program. Reward Giant is no expectation of that rule.

Is Rewards Giant UK legit?

Rewards giant went across the pond! 

Rewards giant expanded its offering to UK users under Rewards Giant UK. The program requirements are the same as those offered in the United States. Looking for a way to get paid 750 pounds this week? Check out Rewards Giant UK to see if it’s worth the effort for you. 

Discovery and try 20 deals, and you’ll be on your way to a shopping spree you didn’t know was in your future. You can also navigate to Flash Reward UK to locate the program. Curious what others are saying? Trustpilot reviews give you the good, bad and ugly. Read, ponder and decide for yourself! 

Is Rewards Giant CA legit?

Did Rewards Giant self proclaim their “Giant” status before or after this world tour? Who knows. What’s that famous saying, dress for the job you want, not the one you have? It’s something like that. 

Same program, different market. Rewards Giant CA offers its rewarded discovery program to users in Canada. 

Is Rewards Giant AU legit?

Rewards giant went down under to offer their program to Australians. The fourth country stop on the Rewards Giant world tour = is Australia! The website popped up earlier this year and is already stirring up intrigue. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many sites like Rewards Giant in Australia. 

There are cashback websites and contests/giveaways websites. But, very few rewarded discovery websites. Swagbucks appears to be doing business in Australia. That’s the closest alternative to Rewards Giant. Swagbuck orients its UX towards smaller, more snackable actions with lower payouts. 

Bottom Line: Is rewards giant a scam?

Rewards Giant is not a well-known brand on the web. Its forward-facing brand also renders on various adserving domains. This isn’t typical for traditional websites. The program requirements are powered by UpLevel Rewards. This is the same technology powering a more prominent internet brand, Flash Rewards.

This rewarded website pays out big rewards for completing the program requirements. The effort from the end user is to sign up for third-party advertiser products and services. Is the program worth it? 

The answer is, “It depends.” Check out the site, read the program requirements, review the deals and decide. The payday is exponentially higher than most rewarded websites and apps out there. But, always, there is no free lunch! 

Have fun, be skeptical, and stay safe out there!