Papaya Gaming

The company that built a Skill-based Gaming Platform

Papaya Gaming

Can you remember the days before smartphones? Doesn’t it feel like a century ago? The smartphone is a staple of modern life, and with that comes the need for mobile entertainment. Mobile gaming is booming. Great demand attracts businesses to the market, intending to generate above-average profits. 

Enter Papaya Gaming. 

They have a portfolio of casual gaming apps with a twist, skill-based competition.

You can play games like solitaire cash or bingo cash for free. Or you can play against other players and put real money on the line.  You can choose head-to-head competitions or tournaments and play for real money.

Win, and you pocket the cash. Lose, and your lunch money goes out the window.

This simple model propelled Papaya Gaming like a rocketship. Papaya Gaming realized 2,000% active user growth in 2020! That’s impressive for any business. They have more than 4 million game installs across the globe! 4 million players is a lot of competition. You better hone those skills before playing for money. 

What is Papaya Gaming?

Papaya Gaming is a mobile developer that creates casual games with skill-based competition. Their featured titles include solitaire cash and bubble cash.

Who owns Papaya Gaming?

Papaya Gaming Ltd is the company behind Papaya Gaming. They’re headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, and have an office in St Louis, Missouri. Papaya Gaming LTD is a privately owned business that started in 2016.

The company has 91 employees on LinkedIn. Similar to the employee count, the VP of Product referenced in Aug 2021, “We’re doing it with 70 employees.” 

The Founders: 

Where is Papaya Gaming Located?

Papaya Gaming is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. 

The US office is located in St. Louis, Missouri. 

What are Papaya Gaming’s Games?

There have 4 main titles in Apple’s App Store. Solitaire cash and bubble cash are the most popular.

Papaya’s gaming titles:

  1. Bingo Cash
  2. Solitaire Cash
  3. Bubble Cash
  4. 21 Cash

Who makes solitaire cash?

Papaya gaming is the maker of Solitaire Cash the #2 game in Card for the App Store. 

There are two close competitors to Solitaire:

  1. Solitaire cube – Tether Studios (Skillz)
  2. Solitaire clash – Aviagames

Solitaire Cash – Papaya Gaming

  • #2 in Card
  • 4.6 stars
  • 135.7k ratings

Solitaire Cube – Tether Studios

  • #58 in Casino
  • 4.6 stars
  • 87.4k ratings

Solitaire Clash – Aviagames

  • #22 in Casino
  • 4.9 stars
  • 10.7k ratings

How do I contact Bubble Cash?

Papaya gaming is the creator of bubble cash. To contact bubble cash, reach out to papaya gaming here: Contact

Papaya Gaming for Andriod

Solitaire cash and bingo cash are available for Android through the galaxy store. This makes sense since there are the two most popular titles!

Is Solitaire Cash on Android?

Yes! You can download solitaire cash in the Galaxy Store. If you don’t have a Samsung pop phone, you’re SOL.

Solitaire Cube, by Skillz, is available for download directly from their website. Any android device can download and play Solitaire Cube. 

Is Solitare Cash free?

Yes, you can play for free with practice games. Playing for real money is an option whenever you’re ready. Play for free and learn the rules before you wager tomorrow’s lunch money.

How does Papaya Gaming make money?

Papaya gaming takes a percentage of the entry fees for real money competitions. This is known as a rake in the casino industry. It’s a fee for connecting the players who play against each other for the pot. Papaya gaming takes 20% of each player’s entry fee as their rake. This is the same model that poker tables use. 

It’s important to note that this model incentivizes papaya gaming to seek a high volume of games. The more games they host, the more they make. Papaya gaming doesn’t care who wins or loses the game. They just want more and more people playing. 

You are NOT playing against Papaya Gaming when you play for real money. You’re playing against other players like you. 

Papaya gaming needs to keep the gameplay fair and fun for all participants. This is key to encouraging repeat customer play. Cheating, foul play, and dishonesty are bad for business. 

How is this business model working for Papaya Gaming? Industry sources estimate Papaya Gaming generated +150 million in revenue for 2021. I view that estimate to be very low.

Surprisingly, yes. You can wager and win real money with Papaya Gaming’s mobile games. However, these are games of skill, not luck. Games of skill skirt the laws that govern gambling and casino games. As a result, it is legal to wager and win real money when playing a game of skill. 

It is legal to play and win real money with Solitaire Cash or Bubble Cash. But, it doesn’t mean you should risk real money. Risk and reward are essential to understand in all decisions about money. Just because you are playing fun casual games on your phone, it doesn’t mean you get to ignore risk. 

Firstly, I find it exhilarating and a small thrill to wager a few dollars in a game of skill. Secondly, I am fully aware that I still lose even if I win 50% of the games I play. That’s because of the fee I pay to Papaya Gaming for enabling the game. 

Lastly, I am fully aware of my dopamine chasing tendencies. That’s why I only deposit money that I am comfortable losing. If you find yourself depositing too much money into real money competitions. Please consider deactivating your account and finding alternative means of entertainment. 

Papaya Gaming Reviews

What are people saying about this company? Let’s check the interwebs! 

Mostly positive commentary on their Facebook page. No reviews to review. 

There are only 3 reviews on Glassdoor, and they’re all 5-star positive reviews. It’s always good to see positive reviews for a company these days. Unfortunately, it’s usually trolls and negativity on review boards like Glassdoor. 

Bottom Line: Is Papaya Gaming Legit?

So, is Papaya Gaming a legit company? I say yes! 

Papaya gaming is a multimillion-dollar business of casual mobile games. It started in Tel Aviv, Isreal, and has operations in the US out of St. Louis, MO. The founding team members are all veterans in the industry. They’re competing to create a top-rated version of their games in their niche. Casual mobile games with real money competition.  

If you’re looking for an exciting real money competition, consider trying Papaya Gaming. I play these games when I have a few minutes between the scheduled events of life. 

But, if you’re looking to make consistent money by playing games, these games are not the ticket.

These casual games are not side-hustle apps helping you earn money consistently. You are NOT trading your time and skill for labor and wages. 

Make sure your expectation of these games aligns with reality.  As always, have fun, be suspicious, and stay safe out there!