Success is the Best Revenge

Build wealth, purpose, and silence your critics

Success is the Best Revenge

The universe will thrust evil upon you. People will double-cross you. You will experience moments in life that make you angry.  It’s not a matter of if, it’s when, and how often.

People act in their own self-interest. People look out for themselves not you. As a result, others will get what you desire. People less deserving will be rewarded with things that you want. This will cause you pain. Clients will be taken from you. Jobs will be taken from. Lovers will be taken from you. It is a part of life.

You may ask yourself, how do I respond? What do I do when this happens to me? The answer is simple: you succeed. Fight this negative energy with positive energy. Do not respond with more negativity. There is enough negativity in the world. 

Success is the best revenge when it helps you find passion and purpose. That’s the secret. 

Revenge is a powerful motivation, harness it

Revenge is a powerful feeling. It hits you right in the gut. These feelings of resentment and anger, burn a deep fire in your belly fire. This fire will smolder and burn for years. This is a powerful force. A force that you can harness to create significant change in your life.

This pain is a gift if you use it to create what you want. But, you must focus on yourself and not on the person or thing that has caused you pain. That’s an important piece of the puzzle.


The first step is to plan. This takes time, do not rush it, define the outcome. Make it clear and exciting. 

Once you define your mission, the next step is to clarify it. Answering the following question, how do I know I achieved my goal?

What are the measurable outcomes that will let me know I did it. What specific things will undoubtedly let me know I accomplished my mission. Write it down. 

Once you have your mission and your measurable outcome. You have your revenge objective and key results. Your revenue OKR.


The next step is to connect your objective to the feelings in your belly. Connect what you want, with how you feel. 

Take a moment to visualize the day you accomplished your goal.

Breathe deeply. Breathe slowly. Visualize what that day in the future is like. How do you feel? Let the waves of success wash over your face. Let the feelings of joy tingle in your toes. Breathe deeply. Let the warmth of pride and fulfillment reach every inch of your body. Let it sit there. Let the warmth fill your soul.

Repeat the simple ritual every morning. In the peace of the morning, visualize your success. Take advantage of the stillness of the morning and create in your mind’s eye the future that you will enjoy.

Embrace your emotions

You defined your objective. You created a visual of the specific day when you will accomplish this objective. Now it’s time for the next step. 

Embrace your emotions. The urge for revenge is strong. Don’t fight it. Use it. Use it wisely, you must pause, breathe, and control the emotion. Make it bow to your will. Take power over it. Hold it there. Be still. Hold it there. When your mind is clear, now it’s time to take action. 

Take action

The only way to accomplish your objective is to take action. You must move towards your goal. The world will not give this to you. You need to take it for yourself.

Take action every day. Not every day will be a massive success. Not every day will work out for you. That’s part of the journey. Expect that. Move through that and continue to take action

Learn from your mistakes and learn from your successes. Both results provide feedback. These results tell you if you’re on track or not. The results of your action guide you towards your ultimate goal. The objective that you set for yourself.

You’ll quickly realize that early success is dangerous. It can make you stupid. It can make you cocky. It can make you lose sight of what’s really working. Be suspicious of your success. Enjoy it, but be suspicious. Deconstruct your success and understand the components that brought it to be. That will help you create more success. Take the time to understand the significant factors of your actions. These factors will tell you what to do next.

Take the time to learn from your failures. You will experience failure more often than success. That’s part of the game. Unpack your failures and try to determine what went wrong. Be thoughtful and be patient during this process. But don’t take too long, you have to get back up and take more action. The balance between reflection and action is a skill that you will develop in the coming years. If you can master this skill, you can accomplish many things. Things in your life that you thought were not possible. The world looks different when you have this skill. When you have this tool, a tool that creates success.

Failures and successes keep you on track, love both outcomes.

Revenge does not bring peace

It is wise to focus on creating success. The reason to do that versus plot the demise of the one that harms you comes down to one simple point. Revenge does not bring peace. Revenge does not bring closure. The glorified stories of revenge are built upon a lie. Those who complete the act of revenge are left empty. They are left without peace. Do not let that happen to you. 

Revenge is a moment and does not last

If you stray and you pursue revenge. Know that completing the act, happens in an instant. The weeks, months, or years of plotting all end in the blink of an eye. Once the act is completed, emotion spikes. A feeling of release overwhelms you. Then as quickly as it came, it will leave you. 

There is no long-term feeling of satisfaction. It is like the feeling of instant gratification. It is like spending money on things in a feudal attempt to make you feel happy. It is like finding sexual release by yourself. Or with someone with whom there is no emotional connection. It feels great, for a moment, and perhaps it lingers for a moment longer. But then the feelings drift into the universe and dissipate.

Creating success for yourself by building an abundant life. This will last you for decades and it’s why you must focus on yourself and not others.

Revenge is evil, everyone knows that

Literature has many stories of revenue. These stories have mystery, passion, and murderous results. They stir up deep human emotions and run to read.

One of the greatest stories ever written about revenge is the Count of Monte Cristo. Read it. It’s a treasure 🙂

You may find yourself rooting for the protagonist conducting the acts of revenge. If you take the time to think about it. To unpack these feelings. You’ll realize these feelings are evil. These feelings are wired into our genetic code as humans. We may ignore them from time to time but we undoubtedly know, these feelings are evil. With the same conviction that anyone can recognize good, we can recognize evil. It’s part of being human.

Nobody roots for evil, expect evil

Nobody roots for evil except for evil. No person in their heart of hearts wants to bring about more evil in this world. Only Lucifer wants chaos and destruction. You will garner no fans, no supporters, no one will root for you to take an act of revenge. Revenge is a lonely mission that you must take alone.

The mission of success will gather many. Your personal mission to create goodness in your life. To build wealth and fortune will inspire others and they will root for you. Your friends, your family, and even strangers will root for you. Some may hate, but the majority will route for you.

Financial success gives you power

To create success for yourself you must create financial success. Money is everything. Those seeking FIRE will attest to this fact. Financial success gives you power. It is not a superpower. So don’t expect Marvel to make some stupid movie about it.


Knowing that you are financially stable brings great peace of mind. 

Knowing that you do not need to work for money creates tremendous confidence. This confidence makes all difficult things easier. This confidence allows you to take more risks. It allows you to act swiftly and with passion. This confidence will pour through you as you take massive actions. Others will begin to notice. 

Financial success creates the power of confidence.

Success is revenge that you can admire daily

A primary factor that makes success the best revenge is that success can be enjoyed daily. You can admire all that you have created in your life each morning and each evening. There is a tremendous joy when you admire the abundance that you created for yourself.

Success is a joy that feels good every day. Coffee tastes better, honey tastes sweeter, wine relaxes you more. Enjoy that feeling of pride knowing that you built this success. You brought this wealth into your life.

Success is finding purpose

You received a gift when you were wronged. You turned this negative event into a mission. A mission aimed at success. You defined a clear mission, used the passion in your belly, and set out on a journey of financial success.

During that journey, you learned a lot about yourself. You learned that you are capable of great things. You learned that you can accomplish difficult tasks. You learned you can complete complex and challenging projects. You learned a lot.

Now that you created lasting financial success for yourself. You must find your purpose. That is the ultimate success. Finding purpose is the ultimate revenge.

Your purpose may be simple. It may not be romantic. That’s okay. Simple will be the answer for almost everybody. Your purpose will be obvious once you discover it. It’s been staring you in the face your whole life. Purpose hides in plain sight. That’s how it goes.

It is a gift to know exactly how you want to spend your days. It is a gift to know what you can contribute that is unique and special. There is a specific reason you are on this earth. 

Success is being an inspiration to others

On the other side of this long journey is meaningful work. Work that provides purpose and fulfillment in your life. Beyond that, there is another chapter waiting for you. Stephen Covey after writing 7 habits of highly effective people figured this out. He called it the 8th habit. This is the habit of teaching. You must teach what you’ve learned to others and help them. You must help them with the beginning parts of their journey. Help them create a story worth telling others and help them to share. 

Inspire others. Coach them, pick them up when they fall down. Tell them your story so they know it’s possible. Start with failure. Tell them about the evil in your life. Tell them how you used this as a catalyst and how it changed everything.

Today, champion wisdom. Share with others the power of this simple phrase. The best revenge is massive success.