Best Personal Finance Books

The 32 Best Personal Finance Books: Your Reading List for Early Retirement The FIRE journey is not for everyone. It’s a lifestyle that requires a focus on earning money. A serious commitment to investing for the long haul. And frugal living that prevents lifestyle creep.  I started reading personal finance books in middle school. I’ve … Read more

Stealth Wealth

what is stealth wealth

Stealth Wealth – The Covert Life of Being Rich and Not Famous Your road to financial independence is a boring one. Earn money, cut spending, and invest the difference. No one knows that every month you buy more shares of the S&P 500. No one cares that you track your spending and cash flow in … Read more

How much money is enough?

how much money is enough

The math of retirement applied to the science of happiness. If you’re seeking early retirement I’m sure you’ve thought about this question a lot. How much is enough? This question is inevitable followed by a series of additional questions. Well, what do I need the money for? What lifestyle do I want to live? Where … Read more