Promotions Online USA Review

The Rewarded Discovery Website You’ve Never Heard Off

This website is a rewarded discovery platform. You can earn gift cards by signing up for products and services offered by the website. Big brands and companies are always looking for new customers and they spend a lot of money on advertising to find these customers. 

Websites like promotionsonlineusa earn money by partnering with companies, large and small, looking for new customers. When a person, like you, signs up for one of these deals, they get paid a commission. This is also known as affiliate marketing or performance marketing. 

Common deals offered by this website include:

  • Gaming apps
  • Stream services 
  • Financial service offers
  • Market research surveys and other promotions

How does this program work?

Step 1 – register to create a user profile

Step 2 – complete a survey to customize your ad experience

Step 3 – complete the required number of deals from the brand partners

Begin the claims process. Once you’ve read the program requirements and completed the deals you can initiate the claims process. It’s important to read the details. This program has a limit of one per household condition. So make sure nobody else in your house already participated! 

Can you make money on this site?

Yes. A lot of money. You can earn up to $1000 by discovering 25 deals and completing the claims process. In a few hours, or longer depending on the deals, you can complete the deals part of the program. The checkout process to get your gift card takes a bit longer. A customer service team member needs to verify your request. As you can imagine, when giving out this much money, security steps are part of the process. 

Is promotionsonlineusa legit?

  • The short answer is yes. 
  • Yes, it’s a real website. 
  • No, it’s not a fake website. 

Like most online destinations reviews skew to the 1s and 5s. Very few people take the time to leave a 3-star review. If you follow the program requirements correctly, you can get a huge payday from this website. Those people give 5-star reviews. People who give up along the way can still discover great products and services, they just don’t get a gift card. Those people tend to give 1-star reviews. 

There are thousands of reviews left by customers that completed the program and got a gift card.

Is promotionsonlineusa a scam? 

  • No, it’s not a scam. 
  • Yes, it’s safe. 
  • Read the program requirements and don’t sign up for any offers you’re not interested in. 

Will this site sell your personal information? Only with your permission. 

Here’s the deal. The internet is powered by advertising dollars. Google is a trillion-dollar company that gives away products and services for free. How do they do that? Advertisements. The same goes for Facebook. There are laws and regulations that these companies must follow. 

So yes, they can only sell your personal information but ONLY if you give permission to do so. The same thing applies to this website.

If you accidentally opt-in and receive notifications, emails, phone calls, or notifications. Don’t worry! You can unsubscribe. Navigate to the unsubscribe link in the footer and follow the instructions. 

Are you getting push notifications from google chrome? Toggle of notification in your chrome browser settings. Open the settings page by copying/pasting this into your browser navigation bar: chrome://settings/content/notifications

Who owns this website? This website is a property owned and operated by RewardZoneUSA LLC

This company has given out over $16 million dollars in gift cards. That’s a lot of money.

Pros of

Big payday vs other rewarded discovery websites. It takes a long time to earn hundreds of dollars on

Cons of

Limit one per household. 

Due to the high payout of the program, you’re limited on how often you can participate in this program. The time limit depends on the value of the gift card you receive. 

You have to spend money to make money, kind of. Many of the partner deals cost you money. You still end up way in the black after getting your gift card, but there’s no free lunch here.

Are you interested in a micro version of a program like this? There are dozens of programs that allow you to take more snackable actions and earn points. These points can be cashed in for gift cards and other prizes in smaller amounts. 

Here’s a list of other websites to check out. As always read the instructions and participate in programs that interest you!

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The internet is a weird place. Stay alert, stay safe, surf and be happy. Rock on!