Top Financial Products

Note: Many of the products on this page are from partner brands. I may earn a commission from the offers you sign up for. I vetted and currently use all products listed on this page. I only partner with brands whose products, services, and mission I believe in.

Simple Money Habit Recommendations

Below are my favorite personal products and services. I’ve personally used all of these products and they’ve helped me reach financial freedom. I’m recommending them because I think they provide create value for their customers. 

There are so many offers out there. So many to choose from. My goal on this page is to curate all the noise and give you a list that is short, sweet, and actionable. Each offer has a short description of why I like it and how I use it. I hope this is useful!

Best Free Wealth Management Tool

Personal Capital

My favorite personal finance tool. Period. I use it to track my expenses and my networth each month. It has a great asset allocation tool that rolls up all your investments across all your accounts. It’s really easy to see your overall stock or bond allocation.

Personal capital is free to use and I’ve been using it for years. Discovery Personal Capital for yourself. Sign up and connect your accounts today!

Favorite New Investing Platform

M1 Finance

I discovered this investing platform about a year ago. I really wish I found it sooner. It’s really great. Automated investing keeps your money fully invested at all times. It takes only a minute to rebalance your portfolio, it’s great. It’s not a robo-advisor-like betterment, so it’s a better fit for those who want control over their portfolios. 

M1 Finance also offers a checking account with 1% interest and 1% cashback. That’s amazing in today’s rate environment. They also have a product called Borrow. This also you to borrow up to 35% of your investment portfolio at a 2% interest rate! 2% margin borrowing rate is just so low. It’s incredible. 

M1 Finance is sometimes referred to as the super app and I today subscribe! It’s super easy to transfer existing assets over from another brokerage account if you find you love it. Sign for M1 Finance and automate your investing life.

Favorite Crowdfunded Real Estate Platform – All Investors


I ventured over to Fundrise to check out the platform and risk some of my own money on it. It’s very hands-off once you sign up. Your money is automatically invested in hundreds of projects. It’s all handled by the fundrise team. Your portfolio is diversified across the country and project type. It’s basically an ETF or mutual fund for private real estate investing. 

I have no skill or desire to review private real estate deals so it was a good fit for me. Fundrise claims to be the future of real estate investing. Maybe they’re right. We’ll see in a few years! Sign up today and add an alternative asset class to your portfolio. It’s open to all investors. 

Favorite Investing Resource – Expert Analysis and Tools

Morningstar Premium

I’ve been reading morning content for more than 15 years. It’s much more educational than a lot of the media and news outlets, which is a nice balance. The premium service provides access to their premium articles and tools.

The portfolio manager is a great tool to track your investments. If you must speculate on individual stocks, I know it’s fun, then you must track your results! If you’re going to play a game you need to know if you’re winning or losing. 

Check out Morningstar Premium for unlimited access to tools and ongoing expert analysis.

Best Password Manager


I use LastPass all day every day of my life. I have hundreds of accounts and passwords all over the web. For work and for play. I don’t mess around with passwords and data breaches. If you’re not protecting your online life, you not protecting your money. 

Here’s how I use LastPass. 

  1. I use a secure password for every password. 
  2. I use LastPass 2-factor authentication.
  3. I change my passwords once a quarter. It’s really not that bad. 
  4. I check the LastPass alert center once a month. It tells you about data breaches for sites and apps in your LastPass vault. Amazing Tool. 

Don’t mess around with dumb easy to remember passwords! You don’t need to. LastPass makes password management easy. Sign up now and protect your money and your privacy. 

Come back soon for updates!

Check back each month for new, different, and more recommendations. I’m always signing up and testing out new financial products. It’s a lot of fun and it’s important to know what’s out there. When I find products I like that create good value, I’ll share them here and also on the site. 

See ya out there