Good Morning Saturday Chapter 9: When no one is watching

People are rewarded in public for what they practice in private!


The choices you make when no one is watching are critical to all areas of your life. 

Working out shapes your fitness and body that other’s see in daily life.

Practicing your sport makes you the athlete and competitor others see on the field.

Hammering on your craft makes you the artist behind the art.

Doing deep work outside your comfort zone makes you a high achiever rewarded at your job.

Investing > 50% of your paycheck makes you the early retiree that others wonder what you do all day.

Today the world is a deep blue ocean

  • Saturday morning is my favorite time of the week. 
  • Seize the day while the world sleeps in! 
  • Saturday morning is the perfect time to inspire your mind 😉 

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Enjoy your day!

It’s the first Saturday morning of the new year! What are you going to do today to make the most of life?

Get out that to-do list and pick something that’s been on it for a while! Do the hard task! Put first things first! Finish the hard task, and you’ll feel like you’ve won the day before lunch!

Aren’t those the best days? I’d say hell yes!

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