AOC Net Worth

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Net Worth: Financial Disclosure Reveals the Truth

AOC is not a millionaire. By the looks of it, she won’t be for a while. Some fake news claiming she was a millionaire went viral on Facebook in early March 2021. A user said AOC went from being broke to millionaire in 2 years. Obviously suggesting foul play got a lot of attention. It didn’t take long for the claim to spread like wildfire all over social media. Check out the Facebook post for yourself.

A few other news sources debunked this statement. My research also fact-checked that claim and that statement made on Facebook is 100% fake. I did a little more research and math to estimate AOC’s actual net worth. Below you’ll find my estimate for AOC’s networth update for 2021. The factors, this 2021 financial disclosure and calculating AOC’s student loan debt. 

AOC Net Worth 2021: $12,611

Net worth range:

  • Minimum Net Worth: -$37,997
  • Maximum Net Worth: $30,000

Here’s the range of possibilities derived from the financial disclosure alone.  

AOC’s Profile

  • Born: October 13, 1989, Bronx, New York, NY
  • Nationality: American
  • Office: Representative (D-NY 14th District) since 2019
  • Education: 
    • Boston University College of Arts and Sciences (2011)
    • Yorktown High School (2007)

AOC’s financial disclosure filed with the Office of the Clerk lists her assets and liabilities. AOC  declared these items for the year 2020. Let’s break down the filing and some other data to come up with a good estimate for AOC’s net worth. 


  • Schwab Checking Account = $1,001 – $15,000 
  • Schwab Brokerage Account = $1,001 – $15,000 
  • Prudential 401(k) = $1,001 – $15,000 

*Estimate total asset value = $28,502


  • US Dept. of Education, Student Loans = $15,000 – $50,000

*Estimated total liabilities: $15,890.35

To estimate her student loan balance let’s use this public statement she made in September 2019. AOC commented that after a recent payment, her student loan debt was $19,000. We also know AOC graduated from college eight years before making that statement. Let’s use the average student loan debt and the average interest rate. With that, we can create an amortization table. This table will help us approximate the remaining balance of her student loan debt. 

After eight years of payments, she has a $19,000 balance. At that point, about 50% of the monthly payment goes to the principal, and 50% goes to interest. From there, she made 24 payments up to the present day.

My estimate is her remaining student loan balance is about $15,890 as of September 2021. This balance is on the lower end of the financial disclosure and still larger than the lower range bound of $15,000. I’m glad that my estimate does not contradict the financial disclosure. I’d hate to suspect one of our congresspeople of falsifying documents. No politician would ever do such a thing. Right? 

I’m estimating her assets are average. So we’ll use the midpoint of the declared ranges as the estimated value. Without any data to the contrary, the average is also a solid guess. That puts her assets value a few hundred above $28,000. 

Net, I estimate AOC liquid net worth to be $12,611. 

That’s a far cry from being a millionaire. She needs to 79x her net worth to join the two comma club. 

AOC Salary

AOC’s salary is $174,000 per year. She’s paid the same as other members of the house of representatives. That salary puts AOC in the top 5% of individual earners in the US.

Put that salary to good use, AOC! Save dat money, cause you have a lot of work to do in the financial freedom department. If you’re reading this AOC, feel free to reach out for some pro tips. I was on the verge of financial freedom when I was your age. It’s time to get your financial house in order. See what I did there. “House” in order. 

Personal Life

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an American politician. She became famous as the youngest woman to ever serve in the United States Congress. Born a New York City resident, she’s currently serving as a representative for New York’s 14th congressional district. 

How old is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

Born October 13, 1989, AOC is currently 31 years old. 

What ethnicity is Alexandria Ocasio Cortez?

AOC is of Puerto Rican descent. Born into a Catholic family in the Bronx, New York, her father and mother were born in Puerto Rico. 

AOC twitter

AOC’s Twitter: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Impressive following. Over 12.7 million followers as of September 2021.

Takeaways on AOC’s net worth review

AOCs net worth is close to average for people her age. A woman of the people for the people. This is surprising because many of her colleagues are very wealthy. However, they are much older, and many arrive in congress after working in the private sector. 

AOC is earning a good salary but living in a costly city. The cost of living in DC is among the highest in the nation. So she’ll need to live modestly, save and invest to kick start her financial numbers. Follow the simple money habits AOC, and you’ll be on track in no time.