Pocket7games Review

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pocket7games review

Do you like playing fun casual games on your phone that only take a few minutes? Pocket7games might be what you’re looking for to make today a little more fun. Are you looking to add a little more excitement to your day? Pocket7games offers real money gameplay. That’s right you can compete with other players like you for real money. Winning $5 dollars in 3 minutes with Bingo Clash is fun beyond expectations.

To be clear, this is not a casino app. Pocket7games is a collection of casual games that offer head-to-head and tournament competition. You’re playing against other gamers like you in a game of skill. This legal definition allows you to play for real money prizes. You’re not gambling, this is not a game of chance, and you’re not playing against the house. 

What is pocket7games?

Poket7games is a mobile app developed by Aviagames. It’s available for iOS and Android mobile devices. But, pocket7games is much more than another gaming app to install on your phone. 

Pocket7games is a casual gaming platform that specializes in simple, fun games. When you download and install the app you will see that there are 10 games to choose from! It’s an app full of apps! Tap the app on your home screen and choose the game you want to play. All the games are quick and easy to play. If you have a few minutes of downtime, you can play any of these games. Gameplay is 3 to 5 minutes for all the games. 

Downtime entertainment

Turn those dull life moments into gaming excitement. You can play these games for hours but you only need 3 to 5 minutes to finish each game. This is great when you need to kill some time. Here’s a list of my favorite times to play pocket7games. 

  • Waiting for coffee to brew in the morning
  • Waiting for the train
  • Commuting to work on the subway
  • After eating lunch killing time before starting work again
  • Waiting for my laundry to finish in the dryer
  • My quiet time when my kid is napping
  • Waiting for my wife to finish getting ready so we can finally leave the house
  • Enjoying a drink after a long day of work

What apps you can play on Pocket7games?

There are 10 games to choose from on Pocket7games. Bingo Clash and 21 gold are my personal favorite but you gotta try them all!

  • Bingo Clash
  • Solitaire!
  • 21 Gold
  • Tile Blitz
  • Dominoes
  • Fruit Frenzy
  • Dunk Shot
  • Bubble Shot
  • 2048 Blitz
  • Explodocube

Bingo Clash

Not your grandma’s bingo. Bingo clash is a 2-minute speed version of bingo. Get your fingers ready! The game host will call out a bingo number and you’ll see it in the upper right-hand corner of the app. Scan the 5 rows and 5 columns for that number. If you see it, tap it as fast as you can! But don’t miss it! Tapping the wrong bingo tile is a penalty and you’ll lose points. 

Tapping the right bingo tile quickly earns powers up your “Buff Bar” in the lower land hand corner. Once the bar is full, you earn a “Buff.” It’s Bingo Clash’s version of a “Power-Up.”

There are 3 Buffs in the game

  • A diamond – this is a wild card. After activating you can tap any open bingo tile. 
  • G – this is a semi wild card. After activating you can choose from one of the bingo tiles presented on the screen. After choosing, tap the tile fast to earn more buff bar!
  • 2x – This is how you score bing. After activating all bingos are worth 2x the points. So, activate it wisely. 

Just like regular bingo, there are 5 ways to get a bingo. 

  • Horizontal – 5 in a row
  • Vertical – 5 in a row
  • 4 corners- The 4 tiles, one in each corner
  • Diagonal – 5 in a row
  • Full House – The whole board is covered! 

Only tap the bingo button when you have one of these 5 options. It’s a penalty if you tap the bingo when you do not have a bingo. You’ll lose 120 points.

That’s the basic gameplay. Bingo clash is the most popular game within pocket7games, so you’ll have plenty of people to compete against. Choose free gameplay, and play for tickets. Or real money gameplay, and play for cash! 



A five-minute version of the classic game solitaire. The game is a direct competitor to one of my favorite games Solitate Cube, from Tether Studios. 

Solitaire doesn’t need much explanation. Play fast, play smart and clear the cards from the stockpile. The goal is to get all the cards into the 4 foundation piles. If you can’t, and you’re out of moves. End the game to maximize your points. 

21 Gold

The card game mashup of blackjack (21) and solitaire. For those of you who know and love, 21 Blitz from Tether Studios. You’ll recognize the gameplay of 21 gold. 

Gameplay is 3 minutes. There are 4 rows that you play your cards into. Add up to 21 and try not to bust. Three busts and you’re out! The only real difference between 21 gold and 21 blitz is that 21 gold has an “on deck” or hold section. This allows you to place 1 card aside to play at a later time. That’s an added wrinkle within the strategy. 

Is pocket7games legit?

Yes. This app is legit. It’s a well-designed game and it’s very popular in the Apple store. It has a 4.5-star rating with 47.5k downloads. It ranks #3 overall in the “Card” section of the store. Pocket7games is built and brought to you by Aviagames. They have over 100 employees in two countries and in three cities.

Pocket7games is on the radar of their biggest competitor skillz, which is a publically traded company. Skillz is suing Aviagames for copyright infringement. Can’t we all just get along, play some games, and have some fun.  

How much does pocket7games cost?

The basic gameplay of this app is free. These are called “Ticket Games.” There are always real money games called “Cash Games.” There is an entry fee for each real money game stated in the game tile. Pick the game with the entry fee and payout that’s right for you. You can play head to head against other players or compete against many for a higher payday. 

Relax. Play a few games. Try out the real money games if you’re feeling adventurous. No matter what happens enjoy the ride!