Chapter 4

2021… From HNY to WTF in One Crazy Week

First things first. Drink some water. Drink some coffee or tea and wake up! Do a few pushups or jumping jacks. Get that blood flowing! It’s a new year baby!

Next, put some inspiration into your mind. Feed your mind with positive energy! Read and watch things that get you jacked up and feeling good! Don’t underestimate yourself this year 🙂

Saturday Morning Inspirational Video

Saturday Morning Reading List

These articles and videos made me laugh or feel inspired. The personal finance articles taught me something new or reminded me to stay the course!

The journey to financial independence is a long one. It’s important to stay motivated, grateful, and inspired along the way. Happy Saturday!


  • Good habits in the news! High achievers like Jerry Seinfeld know the value of healthy habits. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld shares his views on meditation and working out.
  • Large companies have a lot of power. They can use their powers for good or evil. Twitter banning President Trump’s account is a significant event. In 1776 we founded this country with many ideals. In 1791 we ratified the Bill of Rights stating our right to free speech with the 1st Amendment. A right to protect The People from government suppression. Today The People are suppressing the government! Oh, how the world is changing.
  • This data makes you think… How popular is Donald Trump, a chart from FiveThirtyEight. Really people? Are you not paying attention?!

Personal Finance

  • A case for optimism. This week’s cover story from Barrons is a bull case for the Blue Wave! Long term stock investing requires perpetual optimism! The best days are yet to come.
  • Curious about the future of real estate investing? Check out this interview with Fundrise’s founder Ben Miller. Fundrise is a technology platform for private market real estate investing.
  • Owning stocks and bonds is a wise choice. Diversification is the bedrock of portfolio management. However, wise investors know that all markets are linked. Capital moves fast these days. What happens in the bond market will impact your stock holdings.

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