Chapter 6

Focus on the Long Run. Value Will Prevail.

  • Saturday morning is the best time of the week.
  • The whole weekend is ahead of you. Endless possibilities 🙂
  • Do yourself a favor. Wake up early and enjoy the peace and quiet
  • Seize the morning while the world sleeps in.

Saturday Morning Inspirational Video

Saturday Morning Reading List

Stay the course friends. Do not be tempted to join the mania of the crowd.

The journey to financial independence is a long one. It’s important to stay motivated, grateful, and inspired along the way. Happy Saturday!


  • Be smart with your time. We all have 24 hours in the day. I’ve long supported the idea of outsourcing chores. I pay people to clean my bathroom because I hate doing it. New research proves what I long suspected.
  • American’s are on the move! Data from U-Haul shows 2020 Migration Trends. One way truck rentals capture people moving from one state to another. Where are they going? Tennessee and Texas claim the top 2 spots. Moving to a lower cost of living area is a great strategy to boost savings and lower your monthly carrying cost.
  • Do you want to live a remarkably long and happy life? The Blue Zones are areas scattered around the world where people forget to die. Wellness is a lifestyle and these places know the secret.

Personal Finance

  • The GameStop stock price is crashing down after the meteoric rise. This video from The Compound last week is very entertaining. These guys are clever and funny.
  • Stop thinking about day trading. You’re not going to get rich. You’ll lose money and add unneeded stress to your life. Create something instead. Starting a side business is a compelling idea. It can serve your creative side and make you some extra money. If you build a great product or service, it may change your life.
  • How does $75,000 in passive income every year sound? Pretty pretty good to me. Check out this fun and short video created by CNBC. It always comes down to the basics. Save a lot of money every month, invest that money, rinse and repeat. It’s boring by you can’t argue with the math.

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