Chapter 5

Is it Inauguration Day Yet?

First things first. Drink some water. Drink some coffee or tea and wake up! Do a few pushups or jumping jacks. Get that blood flowing! The world waits for no one.

Next, put some inspiration into your mind. Feed your mind with positive energy! Read and watch things that get you jacked up and feeling good! Don’t underestimate yourself this year 🙂

Saturday Morning Reading List

These articles and videos made me laugh or feel inspired. The personal finance articles taught me something new or reminded me to stay the course!

The journey to financial independence is a long one. It’s important to stay motivated, grateful, and inspired along the way. Happy Saturday!


  • Laughter is the best medicine. Progressive is making hilarious commercials about buying a home. Need a good laugh? Watch this Dr. Rick youtube playlist.
  • Today calls for a second helping of laughter. Pup-Peroni to the rescue.
  • Update your National Park bucket list! New River Gorge in West Virginia is now a National Park.

Personal Finance

  • Is remote work here to stay? Beautiful tourist towns are starting to offer something new. Residence for the digital nomad working community.
  • Presidents and political parties like to take credit for the economy and stock market. The current president might not be that important. The market can be more powerful than policy.
  • Do you have enough money? Wondering what to do with? Here are some tips.

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