Chapter 7

Remember the world 20 years ago today…

It’s been 20 years since the terrorist attack on the world trade centers. The memories of a different world. So much happened in the past 2 decades. So much happened in the past 2 years. And yet the memories from that tragic day are still bright in the mind’s eye. Images and videos burned into the memory banks that play back with clarity. Accessing these memories can make that September 11 feel like yesterday.

Where will the world be 20 years from now? How much will change? For better or worse. While I’m troubled by the evils and ignorance of man. I’m perpetually optimistic that prosperity will prevail. The world will be a better place 20 years from now. Safer. More inclusive. More peaceful. A workforce with a renewed understanding of meaningful work and its role in humanity.

My baby boy, who’s rolling around squeaking like a baby pterodactyl, will be in college 20 years from now. I’m investing money today so together we can review the value 20 years from now. I’m planting capital trees to grow up alongside him. Only time will tell how tall these trees will grow.

Saturday Morning Inspirational Video

Saturday Morning Reading List

Saturday morning is the best time of the week.

  • The whole weekend is ahead of you. Endless possibilities 🙂
  • Do yourself a favor. Wake up early and enjoy the peace and quiet
  • Seize the morning while the world sleeps in.


  • There’s still time to get more vaccines into people to avoid a bad winter. Encouraging news from BioNTech that’s presenting data on vaccines for children over 5 years old.
  • In the world of sports is great to see athletes act like humans. Patrick Cantlay is a class-act professional golfer. Instead of stirring the pot with the controversy surrounding one of his competitors. He simply says the respect of the game is important and we should focus on that. Not the few bad apples that try to ruin it and cause trouble.

Personal Finance

  • The more you stay the course the easier it gets. The journey to financial freedom gets easier the longer you keep at it. The first million is the hardest and maybe the sixth million is the easiest. Fun read from ESI money. I don’t disagree with him!
  • Thinking about escaping this winter? Maybe Thailand should be on your list.

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